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Wonder Nature is a super heroine

Origin Edit

Sydney Brightmare was born in San Diego, California during one of the worst storms of history. At age 5, she saw that she could control elements such as fire, water, air and earth. People saw that she was too dangerous, everyone except for Professor Thomas Oliver. He was able to bring her to his special school of Halfbloods, Thomas Oliver's Academy Supreme for Specialized Youth. There, she was given a special suit and armour to control her powers. She learned to focus the elements one by one and was given a place on the Protectors, where she met other experts of their powers, including Zookeeper, who she soon developed strong affections for him. She soon became living goddess of weather, a master manipulator of all things weather, climate and atmosphere.

Bio Edit

  • Real Name: Sydney Ayala Brightmare
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 7'2"
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Family Members: Stephen BrightMare (Father), Veronica Brightmare (Mother), Ellie Brightmare (Sister), Amanda Brightmare (Sister)

Powers Edit

  • Weather Manipulation
  • Weapons Master

Transformations Edit

When Wonder Nature transforms, she shouts out "GO WILD" like Zookeeper, then the name of the natural disaster of the same element like:

  • Thunderstorm (Electricity)
  • Volcano (Fire)
  • Tsunami (Water)
  • Earthquake (Earth)
  • Tornado (Air)
  • Blizzard (Ice)
  • Bushwhack (Wood)

Costume Edit

Violet body suit with magenta weather patterns. Powerful body armour protects her and allows to control elements.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Musophobia: She has an incredibly uncontrollable fear of rodents.

Enemies Edit

  • Vortexas
  • TerraGeo
  • PyroBlaze
  • Tide Ripper
  • G-Force
  • Skydive
  • Megawatt
  • Lady Everest

Trivia Edit

  • Wonder Nature has a strong secret crush for Zookeeper, mostly because she thinks that he appears adorable as a tiger.