The Warriors have a database in which they put their personal classification of other Heroes and Villains, here's a sample.

Heroes Edit

The Heroes Classification is based upon Marvel Comics mutant classification, which uses Greek letters.

  • Delta Level Hero: Considered the weakest kind of Hero, it is usually the one with a "useless" physical mutation, like blue skin or a third eye.
  • Gamma Level Hero: This is the group with the highest number of registered members which has in it all those with enhanced abilities (super speed, super strength, super intelligence, ...), they are very useful in combat but also very common to find
  • Beta Level Hero: In this group, we find those heroes with particular abilities like element manipulation (Pyrokinesis, Air-Bending, ...), and those who have trained to the top their Gamma-level abilities.
  • Alpha Level Hero: Only a few heroes finds their spot here, since it requires high ammount of training and incredible powers, like an evolved version of a Beta-Level ability.
  • Omega Level Hero: The top of the top, Heroes with powers beyond immagination has the right to stand over the others, only 2 are known for now (Fogon and Chronic), but lots are hiding and are ready to fight for mankind.
  • Beyond Omega: None Hero as yet shown the abilities required to be considered so powerful, only omnipotents beings and evolutions of Omega-level abilities have the chances to be considered like demigods.

Villains Edit

The Villain Classification is based upon a reverse alphabetical order, which describe the Threat-Level

  • D-Level: Villains that are able to commit minor crimes without creating real problems to the citizens, most of them are not able to control their powers at their fullest.
  • C-Level: Villains able to put an entire city in danger, most of them aren't aware of this possibility so they just commits minor crimes or be the minion of higher class villains.
  • B-Level: It gets dangerous, these criminals are able to put in danger a lot of people using their powers, and they know how to do it. Most of them use a ton of minions as cannon fodder, but they can do severe damage if left uncontrolled.
  • A-Level: These are the masterminds, those who create the dangerous situation, usually they stay away from the battlefield, but if they want to join the fight only an Alpha/Omega-Level Hero can stop them.
  • S-Level: This class doesn't need minions, they can destroy a country alone with their powers. This class is yet to be confirmed since no villains with such powers have yet shown up, but they will, someday
  • SS-Level: Demigods, Wizards, Demons and Galactic beings capable to destroy a planet. S**t is getting real with these guys.