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The Verse Grinder was a powerful, extra-universal portal creating device developed and used by the United States government during the Cold War. Construction began at the height of the Cold War, around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was supposed to drag powerful extra-dimensional beings into our world for the US to use against the Soviet Union. Very little forethought was planned on how to make them help, so the first to be pulled through, Baracuss the Dark escaped. In the 1990's, a second was pulled through, a powerful Imperialisi who grew to become Amalgam, and in 2003 a 3rd made it through, Moravian the Doombringer, who killed hundreds of US soldiers and scientists during his escape. The latest to be brought through the Verse Grinder was another Shade who called itself Marrow. The Shade had suffered mutation from the effects of the Verse Grinder, the only one recorded. The Verse Grinder mainly pulls Shades through due to the fact that they constantly use their powers for just about everything, including linking planets together. Imperialisi use their powers only when they can not accomplish tasks physically.

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