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"They're not Shades, yet they're not Mutants... They look part human though... WHAT IN HELL ARE THESE THINGS?"
—A Mutant Alliance Soldier states his opinion


The Umbrals are the outcome of a Human studying the art of Manipulating Darkness through use of ancient Shade Books, and doing so incorrectly. The Human is then consumed by the very shadows he was trying to control, transforming into beings with powers equal to that of Class 3 - 5 Mutants and the mentality of a psychopathic murderer. Most are so insane that they never stop wailing, and attack like that of a Berserker. Others however keep their previous intelligence level making them smarter, more capable fighters, thus making them more of a threat.

Umbrals usually have randomized abilities, rarely being able to manipulate darkness as they had originally planned. Some gain enormous strength and speed, others gain a monstrous true form, and others gain powers that are not Shade-like at all. All Umbrals are immune to a Shade's Possession ability, however, which can cause trouble for any Shade wishing to control them. Umbrals are also Immortal, being able to live forever and regenerate their wounds near instantaneously. The only way to truly kill an Umbral is to stop their regeneration ability. This can be achieved by:

  1. Cauterizing the wounded area. (Note: This only lasts for a short amount of time.)
  2. Complete Obliteration.


The Umbral transformation is one of grueling pain and torment. First the Darkness they attempt to control consumes them against the users will or because the user allows themselves to be consumed. The shadows then rip apart to being on a cellular level, reform them, and takes over their thoughts and feelings. Their is no way for the Umbrals to return to being their former selves, however an extremely powerful Shade can manipulate the darkness that has become a part of the Umbral, to reverse the transformation for a brief moment of time.

Known UmbralsEdit

An Umbral usually takes on a new name, one that matches their evil intent. For Example: Akuma means Devil, Demon, Fiend, Satan, or Evil Spirit, and Kagai means Evil, Harm, or Mischief. Many Umbrals are a part of the ancient brotherhood known as The Children of Darkness.

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