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Triple Eagle, his true name Ulysses Sawyer is a Patriotic Hero, fighting for the Legion of Vigilance. Ulysses grew up in a small farm on the countryside in Pennsylvania to a poor family. At the age of fourteen, Ulysses, then called Jeremiah, ran away to start a new life. He changed his name to Ulysses, and forced used his middle name as his last, becoming Ulysses Sawyer. Ulysses left Pennsylvania, and went to Washington D.C., to live with James Grant, his uncle. After leaving High School, James was murdered by Beelze, then a very new villain, testing out his powers. Ulysses, then became stricken by revenge, and created a new identity, the Triple Eagle. He was not a good hero, nor was he well trained, until he found Wonder. Wonder took Ulysses under his wing, and trained him as well as he could. Ulysses was strong, but not strong enough. Wonder took a small bit of his special DNA, and implanted it into Ulysses, giving him some of Wonder's powers, and mixing with Ulysse's DNA, creating some new powers. He then joined the ever growing LoV, creating a new hero, one to take over when no one else would.
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  • Flight: Triple Eagle has the ability to fly.
  • Superhuman Strength: Can lift almost anything, about equal to Wonder's strength capabilities.
  • Superhuman Speed: Can run faster than any man on Earth.
  • Superhuman Intelligence: Can read a two-hundred page book in two-hundred seconds. Very intelligent.