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Trickshot is an archer superhero

Origin Edit

Akio Shiryuko was part of long family bloodline of ninja warriors in Japan, but some thought he wasn't built to be a fighter, being born blind in one eye. As he started his training, he learned that his blindness actually gave him a sense of sight like no man before him. He could see in X-ray, infrared, ultraviolet and others, but he could see, not with his eyes, but his mind. He was given a gift know as mind sight, a way of seeing things others can't. With this new ability, he was able to learn how to hit a target with anything, shuriken, dagger, but he was best with an archer bow. He struck every target, every time with absolute precision, everyone was impressed, except for his brother Ken. Where his brother with expert in all weapons, he learned to turn himself into a weapon. Years went on and their rivalry started to grow, eventually they became young men and their rivalry had reached its climax. One night, Ken wanted to destroy his brother and the family that rejected him for his mutant brother. He hired some men, gave them high tech ninjutsu weapons he stole and ordered them destroy his family's home temple. They were able to only find Akio's mother, father and uncle, but Akio was in hiding. The soldiers attacked the family and seeing this fight Akio went to find Ken. He found him in the testing ground that prove them warriors. the battle was long and hard, eventually the fight was between brother and brother. It seemed like it was the end of Akio until suddenly, the entire building was set a blaze. Everyone got out, but Akio tried to save his brother, but it seemed too late for Ken. As Akio got out, he could hear the sound of his brother screaming above the flames. The fire soon subsided, Akio dug through the rubble, but found no remains of his brother. He was a warrior finishing the fight, but the greatness of victory soon turned to ash. He soon met up with Professor Thomas Oliver, he knew about Akio's gift and the accident, he had a way of helping use his gift for good. He was given special goggles that would allow him to use his mind sight more clearly. He was trained to become a great archery hero, once his training was finished, he was ready to fight as the Trickshot the blind archer. His first mission was to stop someone called Master Katana from selling dangerous weapons on the black market. He found Master Katana and was going to stop his evil deeds. Suddenly, he saw that under the helmet, Master Katana was really a singed face of his brother Ken. Katana managed to escape with most of the weapons, warning that he was no longer Akio's brother, but his worst enemy. Akio saw the evil that he brought upon his brother and would do everything in he could to return him to his family. He soon became the great marksman archer of the Protectors and felt that even with one evil brother, he had many siblings on the side of good.

Bio Edit

  • Real Name: Akio Shiryuko
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Right:Blind Left:Brown
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Family Members: Tsuyoi Shiryuko (Father), Yuyo Shiryuko (Mother), Ken Shiryuko (Brother), Sumato Shiryuko (Uncle)

Powers Edit

  • Mind Sight
  • Master Archer
  • Weapons Expert

Costume Edit

Blue t-shirt with an bow and arrow facing upwards, black hoodie jacket with navy arrow pattern, grey sweatpants, navy sneakers. Specialized focusing goggles for his mind sight. Belt with pouches that allow him to hold on to different arrow heads such as taser, explosive, freeze and ensnaring tips which he fires from an energy bow he carries

Weakness Edit

  • Light Sensitivity: If he stares into an incredibly bright light source, he becomes badly blind for about 25 minutes, leaving him vulnerable to attack.
  • Human Frailty: He isn't as strong as his team, broken body parts take longer to heal then the other Protectors.

Enemies Edit

  • Master Katana
  • Baron Shtalker
  • Madame Geisha

Trivia Edit