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Titan Beetle is a superhero

Origin Edit

Robert Small is the type of hero combines brain with braun, he's also not the first to be called Titan Beetle. The name was first created by his grandfather, Daniel Small. He worked for military purposes, but no one knew who he really was, they just presumed he was legend, an insect man. Eventually, he retired when he lost his partner/wife, Jenny Small aka Damselfly. After that, he buried his secret, that is until Rob discovered he had the power to shrink down to the size of a flea or expand to around 200 ft tall. His grandfather told him about his powers and Rob felt like honouring the grandmother he never knew. He was given his grandfather's old suit, but decided to make some personal improvements. He soon learned how to communicate with insects for different jobs. Ants were reinforcements, beetles were the muscle, dragonflies were air support, etc, he learned to be friends with all of them, not make them slaves. His parents were insect scientists, so he had a way of turning bugs into friends, not servants. Eventually, he was ready for an important mission, enter an important building and return with important tech he used. He reached the building, Professor Thomas Oliver's Academy for Specialized Children, and searched for the tech. He was able to find his grandpa's tech and started heading out, but was spotted by Alex Panthera. Alex brought Titan Beetle to Professor Oliver himself, who was impressed to see a size changer. He offered him a place at the academy, to learn how to use his powers for good, Robert said he'd think about it. He returned the tech and told his grandfather about the offer he was given from the professor. He thought that it was perfect for him since Thomas Oliver was a friend of his, Robert soon told his parents who thought it was a perfect idea. They sent him off and he learned to use his powers to help and protect others. He soon earned a place on the Protectors as their extra brain and braun.

Bio Edit

  • Real Name: Robert Michael Small
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Height: 5 inches-6'8"-60'6"
  • Weight: 4 mg-176 lbs-59 tons
  • Family Members: Daniel Small (Grandfather), Jenny Small (Grandmother), Stuart Small (Father), Kelly Small (Mother), Matthew Small (Brother), Jessie Small (Sister), Alfred Small (Brother)

Powers Edit

  • Size Manipulation
  • Insect Communication
  • Superhuman Strength

Costume Edit

Orange and blue suit, belt with buttons on the sides that allow him to shrink (left) or grow (right) once he press the button on his gloves on the matching side. Insect-shaped helmet sends off special electromagnetic signal that allows him to communicate with insects.

Weakness Edit

  • Limited Growth Time: When he enters his giant size, he only has a limited time before he changes back
  • Stabilization: If his powers become unstable, he would continue to shrink until he entered a quantum realm and never return

Enemies Edit

  • Slayer Mantis
  • Baboomerang
  • Wreak Tech
  • Loud Pound
  • Cinderblock

Trivia Edit

  • Some people believe that one of Robert's siblings could have powers, but they poses no signs of powers