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ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! It has been two years since the great war against the advanced alien race known as the Makata. Two years since the Nuclear devastation that had engulfed half of the planet. Two years since both Humanity and Mutant kind were brought to the brink of extinction. But the Makata were defeated by some of the most powerful Mutants on the planet, including the inter-dimensional being known as Amalgam. However, it has also been two years since humans started being hunted down and murdered by Amalgam's followers. Now, Humanity is fighting a never-ending war between the new Mutant Regime, and the Makata remnants. Will humanity, once again, pull through? Or will the power of the Mutants finally overtake them?

Theme SongEdit

30px|right The theme song for this Role-Play is Requiem for a Dream.


READ OR BE BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!

You are yourself!:

This time you will not be the Hero/Villain that you've always dreamed of becoming. This time you will be taking part in this little adventure yourself! Using your own personal skills, and maybe a weapon or two, to fight against both Mutants and Aliens. Will you survive?

Grammar and Spelling:

If you've taken part in a Role-Play before then you all know what this rule is all about. You must use the best grammar and spelling that you possibly can. I.e. No Lols, rofls, or OMGWTFBBQs. If you're going to type something, make sure everyone can read it!


I know its hard to ask you all to be as realistic as possible in a role-play where fighting evil aliens and deadly mutants is a full time job, but you are playing as yourself... you can't fly, you can't live through an atomic explosive (unless you're REALLY lucky), and you can't survive a 500 foot fall. Note: Some minor tweaking of your Role-Play self is allowed, for example if you're currently studying a martial art, but are not at the highest rank yet, you can go ahead and make yourself the highest rank in the RP. Or if you really suck at camping, we will allow you to edit your RP self to have adequate survival skills. However anything major, like being able to hot-wire a military vehicle in a few seconds, will NOT be accepted. If you are Physically disabled then the Admins will allow your RP Self to be Physically fit and Healthy. If you are real Young, then you may make it so you are, at least, 16 in the RP, although if you are really younger then 16 then perhaps this RP isn't right for you. If you are real old... what are you doing on a SuperHero Fan-Fiction websight anyway!?!

No "Uber-Mutants"

No mutants above level 3 Classification are allowed, until the very end of the Role-Play! Otherwise this story would end too quickly. That means you Evelyn!

Fan-Made Creations

Creations such as Weapons, Vehicles, and Armor can be used and controlled by the Role-Player. However, fan-made Characters are to be kept to a minimum unless it will move the story alone. The rule-above still applies.

What's done is done!:

Once someone writes down something, it CANNOT be changed or added to. If you die in the Role-Play (which, by-the-way, will only happen if you decide to quit) the only way to be brought back is if a friendly mutant with reality-bending powers decides to bring you back.


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Non-Admin role-players will be judged on how epic each of their posts are. The Admins taking part can then rate (on a scale of 1 - 5) how awesome/epic/cool/dramatic/ext. the user's post is. At the end of the Role-play the non-admin with the most "Epic-Points" has a chance to become an Admin themselves. Note: The rules above still apply, i.e. no killing of Uber-Mutants unless you want to have an epically bloody ending for your RP self, and keep realism in mind.


Please ask permission to join before listing yourself as a role-player. Also, in the Role-Play you my use either your real name, OR your user name, unless you have named a fanon character after said user name. Example: I can't go by Baracuss in the Role-Play because I have a fanon character with the same name. Same thing goes for Sith Venator.

Dan "Baracuss" Harris: Role-Play Creator and Admin of Superfanon.Edit


  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Kempo Karate.
  • Two Handed Melee Weapons Specialist
  • Adequate free-running capabilities (tweaked skill)

Weapon of Choice:

  • Customized, Sharpened Katana Sword.

Theme Song


Robert Logan "Sith-venator Wavingstrider" Clark: Participant and Admin of Superfanon.Edit


  • Played Lacrosse.
  • Is not an idiot when it comes to fire arms.
  • Expert when it comes to Animals.
  • Crack-shot with the M14.

Weapon of Choice

Evelyn Staleko: Crazy Cat Lady and Administrator of SuperfanonEdit


  • First Degree Black Belt in Taekwondoe
  • Gun fanatic
  • Survivalist/Misanthrope (Can live on her own, and prefers avoiding other people.)
  • Is a girl... (trust me it helps, especially with puppy eyes)

Weapon of Choice

Her mind.

Theme Song


Bobby Jones-Bussing - Sole Survivor, Fighting WarriorEdit


  • Trained hand-to-hand fighter.
  • Skilled with guns and other weapons.
  • Expert survivalist.

Weapon of Choice

M16 Assault Rifle

Vernon Eubank : BiPolar survivalistEdit


  • Minimal Parkour skills
  • Expert marksman(with open (Non-Scoped) sights only)
  • Highly skilled Archer
  • Mechanical skills (tweaked)


  • BiPolar Disorder
  • Accompanied by Dissociative Identity Disorder

Weapon of choice Five foot long, traditional, hundred pound draw, solid oak, re-curved, longbow, using fiber-glass shafted arrows, with inch wide barbed steel heads.


The Role play has started! Each Chapter will be 15 - 20 Acts long, each act writen by a different Role-Player. We are hoping to get to, at least, 15 chapters.

Chapter 1 Edit

Act 1: Grr Edit

The constant droning of military vehicles outside made reading her novel even more annoying to Evelyn than usual. “Gah, annoying bastards why can’t they just nuke the f*cking aliens.” Sitting inside an abandoned army personnel carrier made her hotter than hell, and she took off her jacket as she peeked her head outside the hatch. The convoy of tanks had been in the area for a long time, looking for survivors. But Eve had learned not to trust them, as the last time she trusted the government, she almost died. Flies buzzed around her sweaty forehead and she swatted them away with her revolver, the shiny metal glinting in the sunlight. The 6 round weapon made her smile, it was her safety and her life now. If she lost it, she’d just have her hands and that damned M4 she found. Oh wait, maybe the M4 was more of her life than the revolver. Gah, who cares anyway ? She liked the revolver more, she’d owned it first. Evelyn closed the novel and set it down inside her pack, outside the sun began to recede behind the clouds of smoke caused by the Makata. The wind blew against her skin and she quickly donned her jacket, it was freezing out here compared to the inside of the carrier. Eve leapt down, and started the long walk out of Cambridge.

Destination: Wherever a misguided ghost wanders too…

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 02:50, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

Act 2: Orientation Edit

It had been a week since Dan had left his small home town, and now he had finally reached the closest major city. He doubted that he would find any survivors here, as the Makata had targeted the largest cities first, but he was certain that he would find a way of communication, and if not, at least there was food here. He ducked down the nearest ally as a Mutant Alliance troop carrier rolled down the street ahead of him. The last time he saw one of them was the day before most of the members of his town were publicly executed. He didn't want to get into a confrontation until he found a better gun then his pistol, which was low on ammo already. He gripped the hilt of a Katana sword that hung loosely on his hip, and rubbed his lucky medallion, a nervous habit that he had picked up the last time he faced a near-death crisis. He entered an old restaurant through the back entrance and rummaged through the fridge. Nothing. His stomach groaned in agony, and he decided to spend the night there. He was already too tired to walk a few more feet, and the nearest National Guard armory was halfway across the city. He'd continue his hunt in the morning, but now he set his sword on a table, unholstered his pistol, and laid down in a cushioned both seat, drifting slowly to sleep.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)
Enter, Dan.

Act 3: Ghillie by the trees Edit

Logan looked around the room he was in, fire was everywhere."How did it get to this?" he thought to himself.He looked around the now deserted National Guard Armory looking for a particular weapon. Finally after ten minutes he found it, the M14 EBR. He loaded it up with a clip of 7.62x51mm and found some attachments that would suit his needs, nothing fancy but it would help. He ran out of the building into some trees hoping his ghillie suit would give him enough cover, trying to avoid what ever might attack him. Aliens? Mutants? He didn't know and didn't attend to find out unless they had a hole in their chest.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 4: Wake up Call Edit

Dan awoke to a gunshot outside the restaurant, and quickly grabbed his pistol, which had fallen to the floor. He sat up very slowly, as to not alert anyone, or anything, that may be looking for survivors to kill. He sat there for a long time, very quietly. It was as if the restaurant was still in order, and he was waiting for someone to bring him his meal. His stomach growled loudly at his thought of food, and he was afraid that it could be heard from a mile away. He began to think that it was his pistol that had gone off as it slipped from his hand, but suddenly the cold barrel of a gun touched against his temple and a being seamed to fade into existence beside him, smiling evilly.

"What'll be today sir? Our special is a large batch of piping hot lead entering your skull," The Mutant smirked, imitating the restaurant's would-be-waiters.

"Damn it..." Dan thought to himself, "Its just my luck to run into a Mutant while I'm weak from traveling and hunger..."

Dan stood up, placing his pistol on the table before him, and raising his hands, "I guess you got me..." He said, turning towards the Mutant. The weapon that was now aimed directly at Dan's face was a M4 Super 90 Semi-Automatic Shotgun. Dan smiled as he saw his new weapon, and leaped into action. His hand was a blur, shooting up towards his enemy's weapon, pushing it away from his face. The gun went off, blowing a large hole in the wall behind him, but Dan ignored the ringing in his ears as he head-butted the mutant in the nose, grabbed the shotgun, and twisted it around so that the weapon was facing its former user. With an echoing crack the mutant's head disappeared in a splash of blood and bone.

Dan quickly grabbed all the ammo he could off the mutant's body, replaced his pistol in its holder, and picked up his Katana, fully ready for anything now that he had a decent weapon.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)
New toy!

Act 5: The Highway SongEdit

By nightfall the highway Eve trekked upon was pitch black, so she kicked open the door of a truck and checked it for any animals, before bunking down on the “better than ground” seat. The storm of dust and snow outside gently blanketed the roof and windows, creating an eerie gray light around her, the moon being the source. Pulling her messenger bag onto the seat Eve opened it and pulled out a can of ravioli, she had snagged a few dozen cans from her house and the bag was mainly filled with ammunition for her weapons, a hatchet for firewood, and other survival objects. With cigarettes on that list matches, a lighter, and its lighter fluid made up the very bottom of the bag, and the dying ember between her lips was leaving tiny wisps of smoke above her head.

“Maybe this will kill me in my sleep…” she mumbled to herself, insomnia not exactly benefiting the last known human in the Northeast of the United States. Bags had already formed under her eyes, so Eve sat back in the seat, rifle set across her bosom and pistol in her side pocket. She leaned her head onto the handle, and promptly fell into a light sleep. Noises ruined any possibility of a nice sleep. Being unsure of exactly where they came from due to the storm really helped Eve's temperament. She opened the door and hopped onto the street. 2 people were crouched by the side of the road, eating something. Well, someone. Parts of someone. A body she had not noticed was being munched upon by cannibals, and now they were staring straight back at her.

As the larger one stood, a 5 round burst entered into his chest and came out the other side; Blood splattering blood in the others meat stuffed face, prompting him to growl and rush at her. It was trying to bite her leg when Eve's delivered a quick jab to its eye and jammed her rifle in between his legs, and finally firing off another burst. It howled and rolled across the floor like the animal it was, and she held its down with her boot and shot it in the head. Finally safe, Eve climbed back into the truck, locked the doors, and slept soundly.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 21:49, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

Act 6: Off to the Armory! Edit

Dan continued on with his search for the National Guard Armory, ducking inside deserted buildings whenever a Mutant Alliance APC rolled on down the road. At this point, he began hoping that they hadn't raided the Armory for all that its worth. This made his hopes sink a little. But he pressed onward, a determined look spread across his face and a shotgun in his hands. He rounded a corner and was immediately knocked backwards off his feet, and slammed into the brick wall. An unarmed Makata stood before him, huge and menacing. Dan raised his shotgun but the alien kicked it out of his tired hands, and grabbed him by his throat.

"Sh-shit!" Dan gasped, struggling to unsheathe his sword. The beast threw him down the ally where he rolled to a stop. He knew that at least one of his ribs had been broken in the initial attack, but now he ached all over. He unholstered his pistol, emptying his last clip against the approaching monster, but not one bullet hit anything vital. He stood up slowly, against his legs' complaints, unsheathed his Katana, and charged forward. He didn't know if the blade was sharp enough, but he knew that if he was going to die, he would die fighting!

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)
Man vs Beast

Act 7: Through The Fire and Flames Edit

The door ahead was sharply kicked open as that sound of laser fire erupted all around the building, Evelyn barely ducked underneath a piece of the crumpling ceiling. If the Makata weren't deadly enough, she had unknowingly ducked into a deathtrap of ruins. Girders were falling like crazy, and if it wasn't for her small frame she might already be snapped like a twig.

"Fuck this..."

The nearest window shattered when she leaped out of it, the glass stung into her skin even through her clothing, and she already felt small amounts of blood pooling onto her jeans. The alien soldiers fired at where she landed, but Eve had already sprinted into the nearest ally. The vehicle they were defending fired more pulses of death at the buildings, pieces burning and smashing to the floor. The street itself seemed ablaze, the skeletons around, already trampled in the war, were now nothing but ash underneath her boots. Eve pulled up her hood and covered her face as a burst of flame shot out of the nearby windows, and rushing through the fire and the flames she felt like she was already in hell.

Eve could still hear the steady clacking of the alien's speech, but being several streets ahead of the tank, she stopped running, turned to her enemy, and bent down on one knee to brace herself. As the first Makata appeared a sharp rifle crack sent him into the alien behind him, the same fate sending another to the floor. The 3rd alien sprinted from the smoke, obviously a higher more trained soldier because the speed he was moving was enough to move 20 yards in a single leap. As time seemed to slow Evelyn threw her M4 at his stomach, the bayonet jamming into it but not stopping it. As soon as he landed she kicked in his knee, but instead of hurting him her foot was gashed open by the unforeseen spikes upon his knee guard.

It picked her up by her throat, and began to squeeze with its claw ridden hand. Its other hand slowly moved to its weapon holster, the "small" pistol charging up as it aimed into her chest. At that point, another explosion riddled the buildings the Makata had originally rushed through. The alien screeched as more girders fell around them, and it tossed Eve to the ground, and covered its head with its forearms. The rifle still stuck out of his chest, and Eve quickly did a left sidekick into the butt of the rifle. The alien groaned, its face a mask of strange emotions, and it fell onto its back and silence overtook the street. More explosion, more debris, and Eve was limping away with her M4 and new alien pistol. Not to mention some epic pieces of alien armor.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 19:29, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 8: Blood and Rain Edit

A great storm washed over the once prosperous city. A flash of Lightning streaked across the sky, and was followed by a roar of thunder that rolled over the abandoned streets and alleyways. It caused Dan to return to consciousness. He was sitting against the wall, his arms and legs felt so numb that he didn't look down at them for he feared they wouldn't be there. His vision blurred, as his eyes watered, the rain washing away the blood from his forehead. He looked over towards the Makata corpse, his katana still keeping it propped in a half-sitting position. He had been thrown around the Alley until he had felt like every bone in his body was broken, it was only then that the Alien had gotten bored rushing at Dan with an intent to end his life. Dan had raised his blade at the last second, impaling the monster through its massive chest.

More Rain poured over him, helping him relax a little, but he had to move on. It was only a matter of time before other Makata, or worse mutants, showed up to put him out of his misery. He braced himself against the wall, attempting to stand up. His body screamed out in pain, but he resisted the best he could. He would not die here. He limped down the alley, retrieving his sword from the Makata's chest, and his shotgun from where the fight had begun. He walked out into the abandoned street, and looked towards the sky. It was late, and the sky was filled with clouds, but he could make out dark plumes of smoke rising from the direction of the highway. He'd stay away from there unless he had too. He looked down the street, and stumbled down the road to a large white sign that read National Guard Armory, 3 Miles.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)
Down but not out

Act 9: Pain Edit

The side of the street was gray with ash, which cut into Evelyn's foot more. The pain was practically unbearable, and the wound could get infected, if the Makata hadn't burnt the city to cinders. The boot fell to the floor, along with her sock as Eve wrapped a bandage around it, she had wiped it clean but had not water for the smaller bits of stone within it. Eve placed her other boot along with her broken one inside her bag, and pulled out the bits of Makata armor. Some kind of chain mail, a hole where the knife jammed through; Gloves, of some kind of durable plastic. It wasn't wearing these when it died, so they were untarnished by combat; Its wonderfully comfortable boots, which she had just put on; Some kind of medicine on its belt, and the belt itself, which had a weapon holster and a knife about the size of her forearm. A good 8 inches long, with the back serrated. It reminded her of Rambo's knife.

What she liked most out of her little collecting was the sleek yet rugged pistol she took from him. She had fired it at walls and cars, and each time the solar panel atop it seemed to collect the weak light and recharged it. She was sure to use this a lot in the upcoming trek across the city.

More hours of walking and night approached, when she spotted someone walking ahead of her.

A mutant ?

She raised her M4 and stared down the iron sights, set it to burst fire, and pulled the trigger.

She missed, its not like Eve ever said she was the best shot. The person turned and fired some kind of shotgun, and already ducked behind a Sedan the ping of pellets meant he had at least some better aim than her.

"What a douche..."

She popped up from cover and fired the pistol, green bolts of energy blazed towards him. A swipe of something metal and the bolt dissipated.

Time to run... she thought.

She turned and ran as fast as she could, the boots really did seem to help with this.

"Hey, quit running !" was all she heard.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 20:26, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 10: Good Luck, Bad Luck Edit

Dan had heard the weapon go off behind him, felt the wind of the bullets wiz past his head, and had enough time to turn around get off a shot with his shotgun, and, somehow, nullify a plasma bolt with a swipe of his Katana. But performing such quick movements took its toll on him, and some of his wounds reopened. He saw his attacker, a woman, start to run off, and called out, trying to run after her, but he fell to his knees. He was in no condition to chase after her. He tried braising himself with his Katana, attempting to return to a standing position. That's when he heard a snap from his right leg, and a jolt of pain rushed over him.

"Hey, quit running!" He yelled, trying to get any help he could now that his leg could no longer support him, "Fuck..." He lay there for a few moments, and tried to get up again. But when he raised his head, the barrel of a rifle was aimed at his face. He really wasn't in the mood to be held at gunpoint for a second time today.

"Mind taking that gun out of my face..." He asked, looking around the weapon at its user. It was the woman from before. Perhaps his luck was changing after all.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)
A meeting of Survivors

Act 11: Requiem For Dream... Edit

"Just as soon as you explain who you are." Eve kicked the shotgun a few feet behind him, just in case she had to bolt out of this situation.

Doubling back around seemed to be the best idea, and it was, because now she had him at gun point. She wondered what she looked like at that moment, she hadn't seen herself in about a year. She knew her hair was matte gray, the ash and constant rain seemed to dye it in.

"Speak already..." She tapped the blade slightly into the skin of his throat, and as he stood to avoid the cut, he fell back down on his knee's. The rain got more intense, and Eve pulled up her hood.

The sword he had sheathed made her fearful of a counter swipe, so she bent down, barrel still in his face, and took it from him. She glanced it up and down, it was a nice sword, had a good weight and balance to it. It now stood stabbed in the ground.

"Are you going to answer me or what..."

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 21:02, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 12: Interrogation in the Rain Edit

Dan had heard her the first time, but he was out of breath at the moment, and once she had asked two more times, taking away his weapons, he started getting ticked off,

"Will you please give me a moment..." He sat back against a pile of rubble, rubbing his temples, and letting the rain hit him in the face. Before the woman could ask again, he spoke up, "Name's Dan... and before you go all commando on someone you should really make sure they're not the enemy," he brushed strands of his dark hair out of his face, reached out his hand, and slowly used one finger to lower her rifle away from his face, "You've already disarmed me... what else am I going to do in my condition? Bleed on you?"

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)
A rocky start...

Act 13: Grr Part Deux Edit

"I don't take chances, if I hadn't missed you'd be dead and I'd be on my way." Eve slung the M4 over her shoulder, and grabbed his arm to lift him up.

"One question. Your human right ?" Her right arm was above the pistol holster, ready for the draw it if needed. Her other arm rested on the hilt of the katana, which she kept locked in the ground firmly.

The rain got worse, and it started to annoy her. Eve wondered is he could see her face or not, the angry expression might keep him from understanding her intentions to simply be alone.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 21:18, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 14: Growing storm Edit

"Not that I know of..." Dan joked, propping himself against a car as the woman helped him up, "If I was a mutant I probably wouldn't be here talking to you now would I?" He popped his neck and stood there waiting for her response. She really was quite lovely, even with her hair all sooty and face covered with dirt and grime. It made him think what he looked like at the moment.

"Maybe we should find some shelter?" Dan said, as the rain began to obscure his vision. A huge bolt of lightning struck down the street, making them both jump, "Like... now?"

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 15: Home Edit

"Good idea."

She kept the katana in her hand, slightly afraid of his skills with it. What she was really wondering about was what he was thinking. He looked at her strange. Eve stared at him, his face mainly covered by black hair, and he walked off to retrieve his shotgun. She followed quickly, despite not wanting a companion in the first place. Especially someone that gave her some kind of evil eye.

More lightning began to strike the roofs of buildings, and they rushed into a nearby Starbucks. It was ruins, like everything else, but habit made her run for coffee, and he just followed.

Eve slid over the counter for shelter, and plopped down on the floor. She had no idea what Dan was doing, but she was planning on ignoring him anyway and she pulled out a can of ravioli for her dinner. She hadn't had any time to eat today, anyway.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 21:40, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 16: Rest while it lasts Edit

Dan flopped down in a chair. It was plastic and uncomfortable, but at least it was better then sitting on the floor. He laid his shotgun on his lap, and looked to see where the woman had gone. He saw her sit down behind the counter as the room was illuminated by a flash of lightning.

"Hey, thanks for not killing me back there... although that was probably on accident since that first shot nearly gave me a free ear piercing..." Dan said, trying to strike up a conversation to distract him from his body's screams of pain, "Could I possibly have my Katana back? And maybe your name?" He got up, his legs shaking uncontrollably, and managed to get to a vending machine across the room without falling over. He he reach into it, as the glass was already broken, and grabbed the last bag of Doritos

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 17: Issues Edit

Eve set the sword on top of the counter without looking, mumbling to herself a little bit about annoying men.

"My name is Eve. And I missed. Thank the weather." She heard a bag crumple open, and looked to see what it was quickly. He was munching on Dorito's, typical.

Eve dabbed her hand back into the can and started on eating her ravioli, her hair draping across her forehead and hiding her face. It had grown quite long. But then again, every survivor basically had no running water or anywhere to clean themselves up. Everyone she'd seen looked horrible, even the mutants. But the Makata were like cockroaches, doing fine, although most were devolving into primal beasts, only a few had weapons these days. The world had become suitably fucked up, and instead of living like the insomnia ridden misanthropic pariah she was, Evelyn had to deal with another person. Fuck my life...

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 22:03, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 18: Don't Mind Me Edit

Her face said it all. She didn't want any company, and he was more then happy to oblige seeing as she looked at him with a face that said I'll cut your throat in the middle of the night. He finished the doritos and thought for a moment before tossing the bag in the nearby trashcan.

"This place is dirty enough as it is..." He thought to himself. He grabbed his Katana, placing it back in its sheath.

"Hey, unless its too much to ask, could you lend me some medical supplies if you have any with you? That way we can go our separate ways come morning," He said, sitting back down. He wanted to travel by himself as well, although he felt like it was a separate reason then hers. He just didn't want to have to protect anyone, for fear he couldn't do so.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 19: Tentative Edit

Eve tossed him a few of her Makata bandages, unsure why she really cared. She knew he'd die if she wasn't around, but she never had the instinct to help others. So why was she helping him ?

"Maybe its because your the first human I've seen in a year..." she spoke aloud to herself, prompting a strange look from him.

She tossed the empty ravioli can to the floor, licked her lips, then spoke.

"You don't have to leave until your better. I can care less for the rest of humanity but your probably going to die unless you recover." It was an emotionless statement, but it was better than nothing. She reloaded her M4 without looking down, the metal clinking against the counter.

Outside a distant shape moved, and her eyes widened when the pulse of laser fire collided with the ground in front of the store, chunks of asphalt smashed through the windows blanketing them with debris. Eve pulled Dan across the counter and then half dragged him out the back door. Another explosion, and the building was gone.


ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 22:29, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 20: Attempt at Teamwork Edit

Dan got up, racking his shotgun as a couple Makata leapt over the rubble. A few rounds of buckshot made both aliens fall to the ground. Eve wasn't doing so bad herself, taking well-aimed shots to conserve ammunition as more Makata came at them from the other direction.

"To your right!" Dan shouted, twisting around and firing over Eve. The Makata's head was no more, and both survivors were covered in the alien's green-colored blood. Eve twisted around with an angry look on her face, but raised her rifle and shot over Dan's shoulder killing an approaching Makata. The bullet had been so close that strands of Dan's hair fell from his head.

"N... nice shot..." Dan tried to compliment, but Eve ignored him.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Chapter 2 Edit

Act 1: How It Ends Edit

The battalion of Makata Eve had encountered before had caught up with the duo, and now dozens of Makata were advancing after them, in the middle of the street.

"Shut up and fight Dan..." They were back to back as the primal aliens crept towards them, Eve pulled out her Makata sword and was ready, Dan had his katana and was ready to pull it from the sheath. Using the rubble as range markers, Eve estimated that at the 10 meter mark she could easily rush off and fight her way out of the entrapment. But she had to protect Dan, because she had a suicidal sense of obligation. She looked downwards at his leg, blood was dripping from it. She didn't feel any better either, her throat was horribly bruised and she didn't feel like talking, hell she barely remembered, the only person she usually spoke too was herself. Her body was covered in nicks and scratches and bruises and she was sure she had the flu. Dan didn't look to well himself, like he was starving or something. After the fight I'll give him some food, she though to herself.

The Makata walked closer and closer, they were building up their anticipation of the fight.

Eve spat out a tiny trail of blood, and drew her sword above her head. The Makata blazed in at them.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 22:56, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 2: Foreshadowing The Enemy's Downfall Edit

Dan closed his eyes for a moment, listening to everything around him. Eve was right behind him, and seeing how she fights, he knew she would protect his backside. He would do the same for her, he refused to let anyone willing to risk their life for his die protecting him. His leg ached, and felt the blood flowing over his skin and down into his shoes like a miniature waterfall. They had to Finnish this quickly. He visualized his entire attack in his head, he knew exactly what to do against the enemy. He raised his sword above his head and, when the Makata were within a meter from them, he opened his eyes.

"Pray to your gods!" He yelled as he leapt forward.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 3: Bring Forth The Strength To See This Through Edit

Eve smashed her sword into the forehead of the first Makata she encountered, green blood polluting the blades decorum. Another one rushed at her, to earn a jab and stab, and the next skidded to a stop and tried to turn. She let it run and sheathed her blade, drawing both of her pistols. Kneeling down Evelyn waited for them to descend on her and began firing lead and laser's into the multitude of aliens, any onlooker would be unable to see her within the cloud of vaporized skin and blood and bone. She could hear the squeals, the screams, the agonizing scrapes of the alien's spiky flesh hitting the floor. She felt like a murderer. Yet she had grown distant from the world, Eve no longer cared for humanity, for the mutants, for anyone. She did what she had to do, if it meant dying then she'd die.

Really, she existed just to exist, when death would be such a sickly sweet alternative. The last round of the revolver fired, she had been using the infinite power of the Makata gun instead of the metal contraption in her left hand. She threw it into the face of a Speed Warrior and tore into his skin with the laser pistol, and the world blurred once more with the sounds of gunfire, and the screams of the dying...

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 23:21, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 4: Way of the Warrior Edit

Dan stabbed the first Makata through its throat, retrieved his blade, and sliced off the arm of a second. Twisting his arm around he sliced the leg of a third, making it fall down on one knee to make it look as if it were asking for forgiveness, but it got none as its head was severed from its neck. Another Makata rushed forward, one of the large knives held high in the air above its head. Dan blocked the attack, and instantly felt the alien overpowering him, so rather then fighting against the enemy's superior strength he let the knife slide over his sword, causing the Mataka to loose its balance. Before it hit the ground, however, Dan slit its throat and moved on to the next enemy.

Even though he was heavily wounded, losing blood, and starving to death, Dan was actually beginning to enjoy himself. For every Makata he killed, Humanity had more of a chance to survive through this hell. He slashed off the wrist of another alien, grabbing its blade to increase his killing efficiency. He suddenly saw one of the beast close in on Eve from behind.

"Not this time!" Dan yelled, throwing the Makata blade as hard as he could. The knife sunk deep into the alien's skull and it crumple into a heap just beside Eve. Surprise, she looked back towards him just in time to see Dan cut off the heads of two Makata at once, "You will not take another Human life as long as I'm here! To get to her..." He pointed towards Eve with his sword, without looking away from the threat, "You'll have to kill me first!" Another Makata hit the ground, and Dan continued to pile up the bodies.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 5: Ignorance Edit

The group of Makata seemed to taper off as the combat continued, a huge ring of dead alien's blocked Eve from view. The blood was caked into the ground, and it was about this time Eve holstered her pistol and stood up.

"I really need a shower..." she said, Dan pushed through the ring of dead aliens and looked shocked.

"Come on, lets go to that National Guard place you keep mumbling to yourself about." She trudged past, tired as hell.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 23:50, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Act 6: Exhaustion Edit

Dan didn't think he could stand up for much longer, as they walked down a sidewalk towards the city center. Night had fallen now, and they didn't encounter anything for eight blocks. Finally, Dan collapsed on a bench, his leg felt as though it would fall off any second.

"Hey Eve... I think we need to find shelter for tonight. Somewhere above the streets this time..." Dan said, noticing the tired look on Eve's face as well, "Otherwise, we wont have enough energy, nor will we be able to think strait, if we do meet up with an enemy..."

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 7: Waste Edit

"Fine, as soon as we make it to that police station up the street we'll sleep on the roof or something." Eve pulled him up, and practically dragged him down the street some more.

"How have you made it this long ? You'd think 2 years would have killed you..."

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 00:03, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Act 8: Where am I? Edit

Logan aimed down his scope at what looked like an alien patrol, best let them pass he thought to himself. After ten minutes they were out of sight and Logan stood up and looked around. "Wait where am I?" He thought to himself, he had been surviving on whatever he could for some time now, being quite mobile. He found a small store with a map, "Hmmmm theres an Armory around here, I guess I should look for survivors there." Logan had only two clips of ammo left, he needed ammo badly.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 9: Flashback Edit

Dan frowned at having to tell how he was able to survive for this long, but since he and Eve were traveling together now he might as well tell her.

"When the nuclear disaster struck all around the planet, my hometown was well enough away from the blasts to be safe from damage. However, that didn't really stop the radiation, that stuffs the gift that keeps on giving..." They got to the police station, and they started scouring the station's armory, "The radiation caused many people to developed mutations. I however hid within an old fallout bunker under the town's school with a few others, we emerged about a year later and everything seamed normal," His gaze hardened, "Then they showed up. The Mutant alliance forced the mutated portion of the town into their ranks and began murdering the rest. We held out as long as we could, but soon the town fell, and I escaped... I know I wasn't the only one, but I don't think the others made it." He rubbed his lucky medallion as he spoke.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 10: My Condolences Edit

"Well thats... quite sad. My condolences."

She feared he'd ask how she survived, when she'd rather not tell. Attachment was a bad thing.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 00:49, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Act 11: Sleep Edit

"Yeah... Thanks..." Dan said, getting up, grabbing more ammo for his Shotgun, slapping a new clip into his pistol, and headed upstairs. He checked to see if the plumbing still worked, and sure enough it did. "Well that's one good thing..." he splashed his face with a handful of hot water, washing off the grime and dried blood. He looked into the mirror, and flinched a little. He didn't recognize himself at all. He shook his head and turned away from the mirror.

"Plumbing still works, Eve. Just in case you want to wash up." He called downstairs. Dan went across the hall, and was greeted by the most beautiful thing he'd seen in weeks; a bed. He threw down his equipment and collapsed onto the cot, and almost instantly fell asleep.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
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Act 12: Water ! Sweet Bejeezus Its Running Water ! Edit

Eve got woozy as soon as she saw the running water. She braced herself against the wall, and inched her way too it. She didn't care how it worked, she just drank it until she wasn't thirsty anymore. She closed the door behind her, for fear of waking up Dan, and finally cleaned herself up after about a year of not getting an actual "shower". When she looked in the mirror, she smiled at the site of herself again. Albeit, older...

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 01:03, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Act 13: Morning! Edit

Dan woke up and looked over to his right, thinking there'd be a clock there, but all he saw was another cot about a meter away, that Eve had curled up in. Sleeping on a bed had almost made him forgot all the hell he'd been through... Almost. He got up and looked down at his leg, which he had bandaged with the Makata medical wraps. The wraps had really worked wonders, making his legs feel as good as new. He got out of bed and performed a jumping, spinning roundhouse kick to test how well he felt. He cringed in pain as a cut on his side opened up again.

"Damn it..." He hissed. He went into the bathroom to wash off, nearly slipping in the puddle of water Eve had made last night, "Jesus!" he exclaimed, catching himself on the sink. At first Dan was mad, but then he realized that Eve had been caked in ash when he met her. She had to have been through worse then he had. It made him angry at himself for not thinking of others. He closed the door and took a shower to wake himself up and clean of the blood.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
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Act 14: Yawn Yawn Yawny Yawn Edit

The quite strange sound of running water awoke Evelyn, and she immediately snapped to alertness. She looked around, and noticed it had to be Dan in the shower.

She rubbed her skin, it felt weird to actually feel sensations upon it again, the ash had acted as a layer of secondary skin for her. It was also an epic skin cleaner. She had to remember that for later...

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 01:46, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Act 15: Morning peer Edit

Logan awoke after a nights sleep in a ditch covered with leaves. He poked his EBR out of the leaves looking down the scope for anything that might want to kill him. There was slight movement infront of him, he ajusted the scope to see what it was. It appeared to be a soldier from the Mutant Alliance, that's all he could tell. He checked around the mutant for any other enemies, there were none. The mutant kept looking around, after a couple minutes he pulled out a cigerette and lighted it. "Someone chose the wrong day for a smoke alone." thought Logan. Logan waited another two miuntes making sure the shot was exact, he attached a silencer after another minute, he took one last breath and pulled the trigger. "Tango down." Logan thought to himself.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 16: Wake up Call Edit

Dan returned to his cot to get his equipment, when he saw Eve was up, "Mornin' Sleepy head," He went to the window, then immediately ducked down. Eve got up to see what was the matter, but Dan motioned for her to get down as well. She got to the window so that Dan could speak to her without alerting whatever was outside, "Mutants... Bunch of them too... They have one of those APCs out there with them.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
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Act 17: Fuuu Edit

Eve quickly looked about the street, trying to figure out the best possible escape route. But the other part of her mind wanted her to knock the crane off the roof of that building across the street...

" or fight..." she spoke to herself, but aloud. She really needed to hide her insomnia...

She ran to grab her bag then sprinted down the stairs quickly, leaving Dan in the dust. The street below was ripe with places to hide, especially the jammed up cars, possibly an ancient traffic jam. The mutants looked about the street, they could here her skittering about. The one in charge began blasting balls of fire into the cars, Eve kept concentrating on the building across the street. The fire grew more intense behind her, and with a final jump she was behind the buildings wall, the APC was firing its machine gun and the mutants were getting pissed.

"Hey you..." The fire mutant grabbed around the corner, to receive a stab to his arm from the Makata blade.

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда 18:09, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Act 18: Distraction Edit

Dan rushed downstairs after Eve and ran into the Armory. He found what he was looking for instantly, remembering where it was from last night. He loaded the Riot Gun with Teargas cartridges, and headed back upstairs. The APC had open fired upon Eve, and Dan hoped she was alright. He got to the window and looked out just in time to see one of the mutants get stabbed in the hand. He looked toward the APC and other mutants, aimed the launcher, and fired. The Cartridge exploded in the center of the group, and the mutants became confused and blind by the stinging gas.

"Eve! Whatever you're going to do, now would be a good time to do it!" Dan called to her.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 19: Fire Escape Edit

Eve kicked the mutant onto the ground, his good hand sending bursts of flame at her as she rapidly scaled the fire escape above and rushed to the roof. She could hear him do the same, so she quickly dropped her bag and aimed the grenade launcher at the crane's foundations. She hadn't used it, in the 2 years since she found it. Eve had no idea if it even worked, but she took the chance and fired.

-10 Minutes Later-

Eve awoke. She was inside the building, the roof was gone, she was covered in blood, and she couldn't feel her left arm. She tried to move, but collapsed back onto the rubble. The first thing she could think was "FUCK YOU GRENADE".

Quickly looking down her arm was covered in shrapnel, silvery pieces sticking out of it. The windows outside were blown inwards, and the smoke drifted into the room. She heard the crackle of gunfire, but not the boom of the APC. She guessed it was gone. Another attempt at moving, this one successful. Her nerves were probably shot in her left arm, she was glad not to feel the pain anymore. Her head had a cut straight across the forehead, blood was leaking into her eyes. She pulled up her hood to stop it, then glanced around. Her bag was gone, but her pistol, revolver and knife were secure to her belt.

One more thought.

"Where's Dan ?"

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Act 20: Rescue Edit

Dan had watched in shock as the top of the building that Eve had just scaled exploded. He ducked down again as the Mutants began coming to their senses. He just sat there, listening, waiting, hoping for the mutants to go away. After about 7 minutes later, his hopes came true as he heard the APC rumble down the street. He slung the Riot Gun over his shoulder, grabbed the rest of his equipment, and rushed outside. Two quick bursts of shotgun pellets took down two Mutants that had remained there, and Dan rushed across the street to the building on which Eve had vanished in the fiery blast.

He found her bag, a smoldering mess, at the foot of the fire escape, along with a chunk of the mutant that had been chasing her. Had the bastard jumped in front of her just before she fired? Dan didn't care about the mutant, but something in his gut said that Eve could have survived the blast. He checked in her bag, rummaging through the sharp metal of ravioli cans, until he found the last of the Makata medical supplies. They were, for the most part, undamaged, so Dan slid them into his pocket and climbed the fire escape.

With only two flights from the top he began calling out to her, hoping to get a response. At first he heard no one reply, but then once he reached the top floor, he heard a loud groan. He pushed through the shattered window, shoving aside chunks of debris from the buildings roof, and found Eve laying in the center of the room alive and conscious.

"You really put on a good show out there," he said, feeling relieved she was alright. It was only a brief glimpse, but as he was removing the medical bandaging from his pocket he thought he saw a smile flash across her face, "This might hurt a little," he began wrapping the bandages around her arm. She flinched a little, but her face showed no loss of composure. After wiping the blood from her forehead, and wrapping it as well, he sat back against the rubble behind him, "The mutant bastard that was chasing you didn't survive... Got blown to bits really. You sure are a lucky one, Eve."

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
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Chapter 3 Edit

Act 1: Satan's Luck Edit

"I'll just call it Satan's luck. My arm is basically fucked, but whatever, I've been hurt worse."

Her face twisted with thought, and she looked away.

"Anyway, I guess the tables have turned, because I don't think I'll be walking and your leg seems fine now..."

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Act 2: Great... Edit

"Don't worry, those bandages work wonders. Your arm, head, and everywhere else that I bandaged you should feel great in a few hours. Till then I suggest you get some rest," Dan stood up, placed his Shotgun next to Eve and picked up her rifle, he took a position by the window where he could watch over the entire street.

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Act 3: Poke Poke "Oww" "HOORAH !" "No, the ceiling fell on my head" ~_^ Edit

The next hours droned past, the pitch black of night left Eve bored as hell. Dan was slumped against the wall, snoozing away, or something, well he wasn't talking so she assumed he was sleeping.

Eve spent this time poking her arm, seeing if she'd feel anything.


Dan suddenly jumped up and screamed "Hoorah !".

"No, the ceiling fell on my head." Eve pointed up at the crumpled roof, then at the rock on her head.

Dan made a face and sat back down, holding the pieces of what her M4 used to be.

"We leave in the morning..." He said all serious-like.

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Act 4: Shut Up Stomach! Edit

Dan awoke with a start, as he nearly fell out of the window. He pulled himself back from the ledge, and went over to check on Eve. He lifted one of the bandages and chips of her rifle fell to the floor. The clattering woke up Eve, who lashed out at him, thinking that he was an enemy,

"Hey! HEY! Watch where you're swinging!" Dan said, jumping backwards, rubbing his cheek from where he'd been struck, "I guess your arm feels fine now, see as you almost took my head off with it..." Dan's stomach growled loudly which made both their eyes widen a little. Dan made a goofy grin and punched at his stomach, as if to force it to shut up.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
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Act 5: Stupidity ? Edit

"If you mean fine by all the nerves inside it are dead then yes, its fine." Eve glared at him and stood up, slight pain in her right leg from a burn but overall she was fine.

Gah, stupidity.

"Now, lead us to the armory Mr Dan."

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Act 6: On the Road Again Edit

Dan sighed, gathered up his equipment, and led them down the stairs. Eve's leg gave out only once, forcing Dan to assist her down the last flight, and out into the streets before she seamed alright. He examined a map he had grabbed from the police station, and walked southwards taking multiple shortcuts through Alleyways and across the City Park. When they past a "Super" Wal-Mart however, they decided to search for food before getting more weapons and ammo, as well as to search for any more medical supplies.

"Might as well grab some new clothes too" Dan said, pulling at his ragged sweat-shirt.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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Act 7: SHOPPING \(゚、 。)>/ Edit

Eve quietly made her way to the women's section of the store, picked out her same garb (although cleaner, minus the ash from the fires), and quickly dressed in them. She kept the Makata vest underneath her clothing again, she had a good feeling about it and for some reason didn't want Dan to know she had it. Eve jammed her gloves in the black jacket' pockets and went to the gun section. She looked around a bit until she saw what she was looking for. She grabbed a saddle bag and loaded it with ammunition for her revolver, the .357 was a bit dirty and blood crusted but the ammunition made it look shiny again. She wrapped a weapons holster to her belt, the other was old, and slid the magnum inside it. The Makata pistol was still locked into place in its own holster. Eve looked around more and grabbed a Browning Auto 5 from the racks, and stocked up on more ammunition.

Walking back to the front of the store she grabbed some cans (of ravioli, I mean, come on, its good stuff) and some other food, and sat at the register, waiting for Dan.

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Act 8: Shopping (Part 2) Edit

Dan made his way to the Men's department, grabbed a dark green hoodie, a white tee-shirt, some new socks, and a clean pair of blue carpenter jeans. He looked down at his tarnished shoes and replaced them with a pair of black hiking boots. He then got to the section that usually sold school supplys and grabed Eve a new bag, and one for himself. He saw Eve cleaning out the hunting department and decided to search the back rooms. He raided the First Aid container, and grabbed a second pistol from the ex-manager's desk. He then felt a powerful urge to take a piss so he rushed to the bathroom, and soon met up with Eve at the front of the store, tossing her the bag.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
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Act 9: The Armory Edit

"Well, thank you ?"

Eve looked down and then mumbled "I saw the National Guard sign down the street. Lets go." she jumped up and walked out of the store, Dan followed. Behind them were skittering noises, but they were unsure what it was...

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Act 10: We're not alone... Edit

Before they got to the Exit, Dan looked back towards the odd noise. It was louder now, echoing a little in the massive store. No, not echoing, there was more then one. The Skittering didn't sound like rats, or any other rodents, not that he'd heard anyway. This sounded like someone, something, crawling on the floor. Dan racked his Shotgun, and turned back towards the noise.

He offered Eve the Riot Gun, but she was content with using the Makata sidearm. They both stood there in the entrance way, aiming their weapons back into the store. The soft patting of bare hands and feet grew louder and more numerous. Dan began counting the steps and came up with, at least twenty beings heading towards them on all fours.


Mutant Alliance: FEM Failures

Suddenly, right as Dan thought that the sounds would overtake them, they stopped. There was not a single sound now, the store returning to its Ghost-town like state. Dan kept his weapon shouldered though, remembering all the horror movies he's seen in the past. They always attack when your guard is lowered. Nearly fifteen minutes went by, as they aimed their weapons at the areas the sounds had vanished from, and finally, when he was sure that whatever was there before had gone away, Dan lowered his weapon, albeit very slowly.

"Lets get out of here..." He whispered to Eve, and began to turn around. He barely caught it out of the corner of his eye, but he swirled around and threw up his shotgun to where he had saw movement. Whatever was in the building was toying with them, daring them to drop their guard.

"Damn it... what the hell are we dealing with..." He thought to himself. He looked towards Eve, catching her eye, and motioned towards the door. They both began to back up, slowly, and keeping their guard up. It seemed like forever until they reached the door, but when they did Dan let out a sigh of relief and pushed himself against the Exit. His eyes widened with surprise, and he looked quickly towards Eve. She shared the same surprised look. The doors had somehow been locked.

Once again Dan looked quickly back into the store. He'd seen it again. It looked humanoid... but yet it didn't. It had been crawling on all four limbs like an animal, and was wearing, what looked like, tattered hospital fatigues. He didn't like this at all. They behaved like animals, yet had the knowledge to be able to trap their prey. He still had no idea how this new enemy could fight, but he had a feeling that he was going to find out soon enough.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
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Act 11: Huh?Edit


Taking Aim....

Logan heard some noise up ahead. "What could that be?" he thought to himself. He looked around to find a large rock, or was it a small hill? What ever it was it had a lot of plants on it to give him cover, now if he saw anything he wouldn't nessesarily be able to shoot it, he was a crack shot but nowhere close in skill to an actual Designated Marksman or Sniper. But with the scope he would be able to see what ever was out there before it saw him. He crawled his way into the plants and proned down and looked down his scope.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 12: Amalgam's New Toys...Edit

Eve stared at the lock, then turned back around. She could see the movement of the animals...people...things, and it was getting on her nerves. She aimed the Auto 5 in a wide arc, she could see eyes watching her.

"Dan, head for the windows..."

Eve pushed in the last shell of the shotgun, and turned to shatter the glass. At the moment she brought the weapon up, one of the beats leaped across from the darkness and clawed at her through the air. Dan sliced it in half with his katana, as more rushed to tackle him. Eve rolled to the side and fired into the glass, amazingly it didn't shatter.

"Bullet proof...fuck...."

Eve fired two more shells, it still didn't shatter. A hard thump against her shoulder sent pain streaking down her weapon arm, one of the animal's was clubbing her with a pipe. Eve pushed the shotgun out and used it to block, the haphazard strikes from the beast were nothing compared to her blocks. Eve kicked it back into the aisles, and decided yo stop messing around. Her shotgun clattered to the floor as she drew her Makata blade. She rushed into the aisle and a bloody engagement got bloodier...

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Act 13: The AbominationsEdit

Dan stayed back-to-back with Eve as best he could, but it was difficult to do with her swinging the Makata blade around madly. He unloaded his Shotgun, trying his best to take down the little bastards, but their quick, neurotic movements made them extremely difficult to target. Even Eve was having trouble trying to slash the mutant that had jumped on her back hitting her with a pipe. A couple of the beasts ran strait up the wall and onto the ceiling without even slowing down.

"Any Idea what these things are!?" He yelled, wacking one of the monsters with the butt of his gun as it pounced at him.

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Act 13: When Surrounded, Run.Edit

"No idea, but those shock collars mean they are someone's pets. I'm gonna make like Sun Tzu. When surrounded, run."

Eve quickly broke away from Dan and sprinted down the aisle, sidestepping the Abomination's charging at her. Quick slices with the blade cut her a path to the back door, and she quickly began busting it in with the shotgun, which she hastily grabbed from its resting place. The locking latch broke off from the door and hit the floor, and Eve avoided the rush of former men behind her as she bolted across the back parking lot towards the Armory.

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Act 14: Damnit! Edit

"Why was it that she always leaves me in the dust when there is combat involved?" Dan thought to himself, punching one of the beasts off his shoulder, and blasting another in the face with his shotgun. He fought his way free of the flesh-hungry monsters and ran after Eve, shooting at the ones following her towards the armory. He fell flat on his face as another Abomination jumped on his back, a chunk of asfault in its claw. Dan covered his head as the creature started wailing on him. He reached up quickly, grabbing the monster's neck, and flipping it over his head. He kicked it in the face, then took off running again. He had got to the road when the ground caved in on him, and he went tumbling into the sewer. He landed hard, and everything went black.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
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Act 15: Misanthropy Edit

Eve sprinted a good 20 yards up the street, slowly picking off the Abomination's with her pistol. By the time she could stop, the sun was creeping down. She looked back, Dan must've been dead.

"The slow ones always die..." she said, not exactly caring that this man was dead, despite the slight friendship they shared.

Eve holstered the Makata weapon and walked up the street, the armory should have something to eat, and maybe a nice place to sleep...

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Act 16: Do it again I blinked! Edit

Logan sighed, not much he could do now. It was getting dark and he needed a place to crash, he wasn't fond of sleeping in a hole filled with leaves. He wiggled his arms to retrieve his map and began to look at it, the armory wasn't to far away. He got up and put his EBR on his back using the strap it was connected to. He slid down the hill/rock and headed into the town keeping vigilint for anything that might want to eat him. He ducked about every thirty yards in a bush just to be safe.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 17: What smells like shit? Edit

He didn't know how many hours he had been out, but the sky he could see through the gaping hole above him was dark and twinkling with stars. He sat up, pushing a pit of rubble off him, and checking for his equipment. His Shotgun and the Riot Gun were no where to be seen, but he still had his katana and two pistols. He got up, listening to the night above him. He tried climbing up the rubble, but came crashing down again, hurting his arm in the process.

"Fuck it..." He said, looking down the long, dark tunnel of the sewer. He unholstered his original pistol and a flashlight he had grabbed in the Wal-Mart, "Figures... I just got these new clothes, and now I have to walk for god knows how long through a sewer." As he walked into the darkness of the tunnel, however, the only thought on his mind was that he hoped Eve would be OK.

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Parting ways... for now.

Act 18: Sleep... Edit

The armory was locked up tight, but Evelyn scaled the sealed off ladder (climbing on mesh is hella easy), and hopped onto the roof. The air vent gave way and her small stature and frame allowed her to quickly make it to the main room, per se. The room was full of weapons, which she would search in the morning. The place was empty, after a thorough search she found a working generator and some food, which Eve ate quickly, saving some for morning and her travels.

When she was the Guard's beds, they were empty. She pulled a Dan, and fell onto the bed and passed out.

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rofl rofl rofl

Act 19: Sleepy, that rock looks nice... Edit

Logan finnaly came across the armory, didn't look to different from the one in Knoxville. He went up to the front door and tried to open it, it didn't budge. He hit it one last time with his rifle then gave up and started circleing the building, he circled it twice before accepting it was completely barracaded. He sat down for a second, he was tired, ready to sleep on anything even a rock. Then he just looked up into the stars, then it hit him, "What if there is a ladder to the roof?". He looked around for a third time and to his relief there was one. He climbed it to find a turret? Room? Thing? Logan didn't know what it was called but it led inside which made him happy. After two minutes of looking around he found a couch and just lept onto it falling asleep instantly.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 20: 10:00 Train Edit

Dan emerged from the sewer, looking a lot worse then he smelled, and entered an old subway station. He walked around on the station platform, examining the ancient skeletons thrown about the place. The clock was still working, but Dan doubted it had the right time. He layed down upon a bench, setting his equipment on the floor next to it, and tried to get some rest. He chuckled at what someone would've thought if they saw him. They'd probably think he was a bum off the street. He turned over on his side, and fell asleep.

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Chapter 4 Edit

Act 1: No Vacancy Edit

Eve awoke to the sound of someone in the mess hall. She shouldered her shotgun and quietly moved towards the room, grabbing her bag as well.

The door slid open with a tap of her foot, and she glanced around slightly, keeping well in the light of morning. Someone was rummaging through the food, a teenager, shorter than her. She aimed the gun at the back of his head...

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be back later

Act 2: The Voice of the Wasteland Edit

Dan walked cautiously down the highway, his Pistol at the ready. He decided not to double back to the National Guard Armory, and keep moving forward. He had reached the highway by noon, and was now making his way northward. He had encountered a few cannibals a while back, and he didn't like the feeling of killing his own kind, but the humans had rushed at him with the intent to kill. They wouldn't have held back, so why did he feel sick from killing them?

As he walked along he kept checking the abandoned vehicles, not only for food and weapons, but also for gas so he didn't have to walk. But every car and truck was empty, and if he did find one that had some in it, he doubted he'll get very far with so many pile-ups on the roads. He sat down in the shade of a Semi, reached into his bag, and pulled out a can of spinach he had obtained from a car a few miles back. Its previous owners had obviously been shopping, as he had gotten a treasure-trove of canned food from the once blue, minivan. Using a Swiss army knife, he pried the can open and ate.

A thought came to his mind as he sat there in the quiet of the wasteland, and he tried checking the radio. At first, all he heard was static, which wasn't really a surprise, but then he heard it. It was faint, and the static was making harder to understand, but he defiantly heard someone talking. He turned back to the station and attempted to tune it. The message was still screwy, but he could make out the person's words now.

"If you're listening to this broadcast then be happy! Your still alive out there in this god-forsaken world we now call home. Today's news is the same as ever: Mutants on a Rampage! The Mutant Alliance has now taken over the resistance controlled city of Win-Static-lem, so if any of you survivors had heard of the safe-haven in our last broadcast, please change your mind about visiting. Otherwise you might be transformed into something that sounds like this:" A recording of blood-curdling groans, yells, and screams played in the background, and Dan instantly remembered the Abominations.

"So stay safe my fellow surviv-static-until next time this is The Voice, speaking his mind, in a world that can't. Keep flipping through those stations tomorrow my brothers and sisters! I'm bound to be on one of them!" And with that, the station went dead.

Dan didn't know if the guy was crazy, or just stupid. Who in their right mind would openly broadcast his opinions while the Mutant Alliance might be listening to the radio ways?

"Well... he did say to just randomly flip through the stations... maybe he's on the move like me?" Dan thought, throwing the empty can of spinach away. He didn't catch the full name of the city that had been captured, but it sounded like Winston-Salem, That wasn't too far away from the city he just came from. He contemplated upon going back and warning Eve, but he doubted she was still at the armory.

He wished her the best of luck, re-equipped himself, and continued his long trek down the highway.

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Act 3: This is how accidents happen... Edit

Logan could feel the gun at the back of his head, shotgun perhaps? His EBR was meant for shitty situations like this, why did he leave it at the couch? Only one thing he could do now. He turned around to face the mysterious person and held out a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. "Wanna PB&J?" asked Logan.Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 4: I May Have To Kill You Edit

Eve shot through the sandwich, missing the kids head purposely. She didn't like kids. Not one bit...

And now this kid was in her sanctuary trying to act cute ?

No, no no, he wasn't going to pull anything over on her. The good thing was her face couldn't be seen, she hated to be seen before she killed someone.

"Who are you and why the fuck are you in here."

She aimed the shotgun dead between his eyes.

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Act 5: Whatever Edit

"If your going to do it do it now, or I could stick with you and we would have a better chance of surviving. Maybe even find that guy you were with earlier."Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 6: Careless Edit

"I could care less about you or anyone else. I just want to be left alone, which seems to be impossible for every else." Eve pulled out her blade and quickly cut open his shin, he screamed and fell back onto the wall. She stepped backwards, sheathed the blade, and scrambled up the vents to freedom.

She checked her keychain compass and fled from the block of buildings.

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Act 7: Darnit not again Edit

Ugggg not again, thought Logan. He put some bandages on the wound and slowly got up. He grabbed his EBR and got on the roof looking for the mystery girl. He then saw somebody running in a direction, he assumed it was her and headed off in that direction.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 8: Into the Wild Blue Yonder Edit

Dan felt like he had been walking for days, and he was just not getting anywhere. The sun overhead was sweltering, and there was barely any wind to cool him down. He'd not only taken off his hoodie, but his tee-shirt too and he was still sweating like a pig. He stopped every now and then to rest in the shade of a vehicle, but it didn't comfort him much.

"I hate the weather in North Carolina..." He said to himself. He laded his head back and began to doze off, when he heard the hum of a distant vehicle. He got up and looked around, but beheld nothing coming at him from down the highway. The Hum grew louder. Where was it coming from?

"Above!" Dan looked up just in time to see a MA Fighter Jet soar over him at nearly Mach 5 Velocity. Three more fighters passed over him, the breeze they made cooling him down. The roar of the jets faded away as they flew South West.

"Now what's gotten them in such a hurry?"

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Sith just wants to get in Eve's pants... -_-

Act 9: A God Incarnate... Edit

The room was dark.

It was cold.

It was empty...almost.

The desk that could immediately be seen upon entry wasn't covered by anything, but a shadow was upon it.

Amalgam hovered above the desk, staring out the the office's large vertical slit of a window, the gray of dusk was a perfect backdrop for her while robes, and the silence made it all perfect. She looked still, but her mind was abuzz, she could see everything everyone of her servants could see, she knew about what was going on in North Carolina, and she didn't care.

She had 2 targets, a traitor and a pest. One that fought with fire, one that fought with words. Both would die by her hand. She was assured of this when her disciple Joshua opened the office door gently and bowed at her back.

"What is it this time." She said without turning to him, although after a bit of silence she turned to face her latest handywork, the hand shaped burn on his face. His appearance now was bold, but she liked boldness in her allies.

"Sorry maam, trying to find the report in this stack of papers." He handed her a report from several pilots, and she smiled, a rare change in her demeanor.

"Find him, make sure its him, and then I'll meet up and we'll deal with the other problem."

He nodded, then turned and exited.

"Oh, this shall be fun." A quick chuckle and she hovered back into place, watching the ash filled raindrops outside.

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Act 10: A Dark Deity Edit

As soon as Sergeant Rogue exited, Amalgam felt another presence within her dark room. Its power was far greater then that of any another mutant in her army, it was a power to rival that of her own.

"What is it, Oh King of the Shades?" Amalgam mocked as Baracuss' glowing red eyes appeared out of the darkness behind her.

"I still do not see why you have taken these pathetic beings under your wing... Their powers are useless compared to ours." Baracuss said, circling Amalgam, "It would be much easier if we just searched for the Verse-Grinder ourselves, and be done with this cursed universe."

Amalgam ignored the Shade, focusing on her own thoughts instead.

"Why is it always so pointless to argue with you..." Baracuss finally questioned, then the Shade vanished into the darkness once more.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
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Act 11: Time Lost Edit

Eve evaded the nuisance following her and made her way out of the city. Over the next few days she slowly made her way to the country, undaunted by the mountains ahead.

"Eve, are you really gonna cross those mountains ?" Her mind toyed with her.

"Yes, I will. I know I will." She was confident with herself, but her mind wasn't.

"I think your going to die..."

"Fuck off, you've been saying that for two years, pick a side already."

"Ahh, I can think cant I ? I am your mind after all."

"Well, fuck off mind."

Insomnia, yikes.

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Act 12: Jerk Edit

Logan continued following the figure for hours until it stopped and went into a bathroom. Logan got to the side of the bathroom and slid to the side, slowly crouching until he looked like some kind of infestation of moss. After five minutes the figure came out, only it wasn't the woman, it appeared to be some kind of mutant with volcanos on it? The mutant was about four feet tall, female (Maybe), and was covered with small volcanos. Logan thought to himself, "Don't move, it can't see you if you don't move." The mutant than sat on a bench next to him. "Awww crap...." thought Logan.Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 13: Rain... Edit

"The rain got worse," Evelyn said to herself, "and I can't go anywhere in the rain."

She sat back against the tree, the hollow cave beneath it was quite comfy. She watched an earthworm squiggle across the damp dirt, and Eve petted it lightly with her finger.

The MRE's she snatched from the Amory stuck out of her bag slightly, and she quickly zipped it up to avoid the rain damaging them.

"Well that mountain looks like fun..." she stared at the Appalachian stone sticking out of the ground like the gargantuan stone it was.

"Doubtful ?"

"I said fuck off."

The 4 planes hovering above the city scanned the city blocks, fires sending pillars of smoke up above the city.

"Survivors reported inside the city. Orders ?"

"Were plaster bombing it again, these JSOW's kill crazy good." The flight leader cackled.

"Epic, bombs away." The planes passed over the city, dropping a couple dozen of the deadly warheads, then fluttered off to the sounds of explosions beneath. The collapse of a huge building made it seem a bit more interesting while Amalgam watched through their eyes.

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boom boom boom boom

Act 14: A second Hearing Edit

Dan scared himself awake as his head fell against the Volts Wagon's steering wheel, causing the horn to sound. He had sheltered down in the old car during the night, and now the sun was high in the air. Just about noon.

"Noon..." Dan repeated in his head. He flipped on the radio and cycled through the Channels. About five minutes when by, Dan not hearing a single word. Then as he was about to give up, he heard the Midwestern Accent break through the radio's static:

"Good Afternoon Everybody! You are listening to The Voice, speaking his mind in a world that can't. Now who out there is ready to hear what that overpowered psycho, Amalgam has been up to since my last broadcast? No one? Didn't think so, but its that time again my Brothers and Sisters.

"Reports have came in from my good friends working with the Human resistance. Remember that city that the MA took over the other day? Turns out that they dropped some "Zombie Bombs" filled with those flesh loving little rascals, the Abominations, into its neighboring towns and cities. Not only that, but four Mutant Alliance Fighter Jets bombed the hell out of a resistance controlled area. Why has there been so much Mutant activity in good ol' North Carolina? Beats Me. But whatever it is, it must have Amalgam pissed, and so its a friend to you, me, and the rest of humanity!

"And now for the Important Survival Tip of the Day, listen up my fellow Survivalists. Alright, for those of you planning on crossing the mountains to get across the country, I suggest you turn your asses back the way you came from. The MA has turned the Great Plains into an Abomination breeding ground, so unless you're tired of living in a Post Apocalyptic world, then the West is not a good place to be.

"Alright now my fellow Wasteland dwellers, I believe I pissed of the Mutant Alliance enough today, until next time, this has been The Voice, speaking his mind in a world that can't."

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Act 15: Possession... Edit

Eve fell asleep, but she didn't wake back up.

Amalgam did.

"This girl is a like a puppet, and I am the puppeteer."

Eve smiled, but really, Amalgam did.

She stood up, and began walking straight out into the rain, looking like she always did. Inconspicuous, she could travel to wherever Amalgam desired.


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The sub-plot thickens...

Act 16: Oh my God, that isn't lava.... Edit

"How long is this thing going to just sit on a bench?" thought logan to himself as he was dieing to sit down. The thing then turned towards Logan and then out of randomness sneezed stuff out of the volcanoes surrounding her body onto him. "Oh my God, this isn't lava......" thought Logan as he was now drenched with something. He couldn't take it any more he got up and just ran for the nearest towell. Not the smartest move as the "Volcano Girl" now started attacking him with lava. "Oh, now you fire lava at me?" thought Logan running in diagnols trying to avoid the lava. He ran around a corner and caught his breate. He then took out his EBR, after a couple of seconds he took off the scope and rushed around the corner viewing down the iron sights. "Bam", first shot a miss, "Bam", second shot even a bigger miss, "TOOSH", third shot a hit. Logan rushed over to look at the corpse, there was none. The body had decintigrated in a matter of seconds and took and supplies the woman had with her too. Logan sighed, then he heard a noise, a radio?''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 17: Possession Part Deux Edit

Eve kept walking for the better part of the night, she could see what was happening, but had no idea how she was moving and why her voice sounded like someone else's, she had no idea. But then she fell to the ground, and when she opened her eyes she could move. She felt rested, as if she was asleep, and Eve thought it was a dream, until she looked up and saw she was where she was in the dream.

"Gah...what the fuck ?!?"

"West. Head west..."

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME ?!?" Eve started bashing herself on the head, the voice dying down a little.

"Your no good to use with brain damage..." Amalgam said.

"I need tinfoil...."

"No ! That actually works !"

Eve threw open her bag and grabbed an empty can, she then took out the Makata blade and started bashing it until the can was more or less flattened into a bowl shape.

Then she put it on her head, and silence fell over her.


"What the.... THAT ACTUALLY WORKS ?"

Amalgam kicked the wall, ignoring the shattering sound of the granite collapsing behind her.

Deep down inside, Eve always knew someone or something would invade her head. The tinfoil on her head was just a protection, although she seriously felt like an idiot with it on. At least everyone was dead so nobody could laugh.

'Heh... that's pretty fucked up." Eve laughed to herself, walking slowly away from the West.

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I've become a tinfoil head... DUN DUN DUN

Act 18: Radios Edit

Logan ran back to where the noise came from, when he finally reached it he discovered it was indeed a radio, and it was functional! "This is Logan Clark broadcasting on....what ever channel this is, if theirs any other survivors out there please contact me. Also please don't try to cut off my leg." said Logan into the radio.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 19: Home Sweet Home Edit

"Well Howdy there, my fellow Survivalist!" Logan heard through the radio, "How may I help you during this bright, sunny, and war-filled day?"

Dan had been having a sense of Nostalgia ever since he had set off down the highway, but now he was recognizing the landscape around him. He was walking on the side of the highway, near the treeline of a thick forest, just in case an MA APC came speeding down the road. His eyes widened as he beheld a large blue sign up ahead that read: Welcome to Cooleemee. He rushed into the small town, no longer feeling tired and hungry, forgetting all about the threats that may have been within the town.

He stopped in front of an old Elementary School, a shopping center across the road, and a small park down the street. He took everything in. He didn't care if mutants or Makata were watching him. He was home. He went back to the school, kicked open the doors, and rushed down to the old Fallout bunker. No one was there but the didn't care, he locked the bunker's doors behind him so to not allow anything else in, and looked around the 100 by 80 foot room he now stood in. There was everything he needed, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a radio, plenty of beds, an armory, and even fresh, running water.

He was going to stay here for as long as he could, or at least until the food ran low. That way he could build up his strength, and maybe contact the resistance to tell them that the town was unoccupied. He'd survive, he'd defend his town again, and he would avenge his family and friends.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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Home is where the Heart is.

Act 20: Your's For The Taking Edit

Eve had made her way back to the outskirts of the city, it had taken her a full day of rushing through the woods avoiding Abominations, BUT, she had made it. The suburbs had fared far worse than the inner city, the houses were more like roofless walls now, everything inside soaked with ash-filled mud or burnt to pieces.

The kitchen, miraculously, had a fridge full of canned beans, some canned fruit, and a jar of honey. Honey never went bad, so Eve grabbed it. Eating it now would hurt her stomach too much, she hadn't eaten anything sweet in years.

The couch was covered in owl feathers and pieces of plaster and wood, but she swept it off with her arm and napped for a few hours. She could hear rustling, but she knew she'd be fine.

A light rain swept over the city, and she felt it thud against her back. The tinfoil hat basically meant Eve wasn't dozens of miles west of where she should be. Hooray for that.

The only problem.

She felt empty.

She had no idea what to do.

And the rain was getting worse.

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Bitch its how I feel right now =\

Chapter 5 Edit

Act 1: Wanderer Edit

She couldn't put a finger on it, but for some reason Eve felt like she had lost direction. West was where her head told her to go, but she hated her head. Right ? She couldn't tell anymore, it could be right. It could be wrong. She felt woozy, and sat down on a park bench. Not much of a park anymore, it was gray and mud covered. She peered out at it, and then Eve noticed a small purple speck; A budding violet. She smiled her first genuine smile, then realized this and covered her mouth.

"Who are you lass ?" A man in a cowboy hat asked her, an MP5K in his arms.

"I could ask the same." If it was her day to die, then so be it. Eve was done.

I'm Not Mean !
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Ain't no sunshine in the darkness....

Act 2: There's Something Out there... Edit

Dan awoke. There was someone... Something outside the vault door. He grabbed up an F2000 Assault Rifle from the Armory, attached a Master Key, underbarrel shotgun, and a Red dot sight, and walked slowly towards the door as quietly as he could. Not one sound was coming from outside, but he had this strange feeling that something was there.

He pushed against the door of the Vault, slowly opening it and peering into the schools hallway. Nothing. He still felt that presence though. He shook his head and closed the Vault door, locking it tight. He was loosing it, it had to be that. He saw that there was nothing, nobody, out in the Hall.

The presence felt closer now.

He set the F2000 down on the floor next to his bed, and laid down to go back to sleep.

It was there, right beside him.

He turned over, kicked his shoes off, and covering himself with the sheet.

It was going to kill him!

He woke up suddenly, unsheathing his Katana which he had strategically placed next to the cot and lashed out at the darkness...

It was gone...

Dan was breathing heavily, sweat pouring down his forehead like a waterfall. Something had been there. There had to have been something there! But there wasn't. He switched on the lights; Nothing. The Vault was as empty as it had been when he found it. He slipped out of his clothes, curled back into the bed, keeping his sword right next to him, and fell back to sleep.

It was watching him...

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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Act 3: A Rogue Edit

"My name is Josh, whats is yours ?" He sat down on the bench, he was dressed in black composite armor, he looked like a stealth operator. On his shoulder was a small Alliance logo.

But Eve didn't care.

"Why are you here ?" She pondered.

"I have someone to kill. But I guess its my lucky day."

"Why ?"

"I made a new friend, right ?" He was courteous, something uncommon in humans.

"Heh, I guess."

"Hungry ?" Dear god she was.


"Come with me." Eve followed the soldier with earnest.

"Come on back already ! Don't you wanna leave this grimy place ?"

"By all means I do Lamia, but I hope you understand you cant leave either."

"What ? WHY NOT ?!"

"Because its a one way trip until I find the Verse Grinder."

"Well I can help !"

"I'm busy, go do whatever you want." Amalgam shooed away her annoying stepsister, the battle clad girl pouted and ran out of the room.

Amalgam rubbed her eyes.

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Act 4: The Man behind The Voice Edit

Dan awoke suddenly, falling out of his bed in the process. Did someone just knock on the Vault door? The noise came again. He grabbed his Assault Rifle and went to the door,

"Who's there?" Dan half asked, half demanded of whomever was outside at the moment,

"Just a fellow Survivalist looking for a place to stay!" Came a replay. Dan's eyes widened, and he unlocked the Vault immediately. He was met by a barrel of a gun in his face. Behind the gun stood five men, one of which was unarmed, and the other four wore, what looked to be, military fatigues.

"Hey now, Derrick! He's just another survivor, trying to find a life out here in this god forsaken world." The unarmed man said, grabbing Derrick's weapon. Dan recognized the man's voice. It was unmistakable.

"You're The Voice aren't you?" Dan asked the man. He wore an old, brown duster, a large duffel bag was thrown over his shoulder, and he had sunglasses and a bandanna on. His face looked like an old rug with his beard the way it was, and it looked like he was missing one of his canine teeth.

"Right you are my boy!"

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
TALK - Friday, April 19 2019 (Eastern Standard Time)

Act 5: Clash of the Titans! Edit

He leaped from the building, crushing an old car as he landed, and rushed forward at break-neck speed. He felt that odd sensation again as the beings before him open fired with their odd flashing weapons. The small little bits of metal the weapons shot at him merely pinged off his skin without making a scratch.

Were they like him? Could they survive like he could? He reached one of the beings in mere seconds, staring down upon him. He wanted to know. He reached out his clawed hand, grabbing the beings small head which popped like a bubble in his grasp. No. These weaklings weren't like him, they weren't worthy. He jumped forward, impaling another being through the gut, and threw the body at another. A quick swipe of his tail, and the rest were decapitated.

A strange vehicle came barreling down the hard surface he stood on, firing at him with its flashing weapons. This was pointless, he wasn't having fun at all. These weaklings were too easy. He rushed forward, grabbed the vehicle with both hands, and ripped it in half. He crushed the weaklings hiding within easily, and jumped up onto the side of a building. He crawled up the side in mere seconds, and looked out over the ancient looking city.

There were more...

Sergeant Rogue's com link came to life, and the yells of the dying was heard in the background of the transmission,

"C-commander! Its here! It just came out of nowhere! I've managed to hide myself for now, but I don't think I can for much longer... It... it can hear me... Sir, permission to retreat?"

"Negative! Amalgam wants it dead!" Rogue replied, well aware that the Survivor he ran across was listening to the broadcast as well.

"B-but sir! W-we can't! Its to powerful for us! And I... Oh god! No! NO!! Stay away from me! Get away you Mons-" And with a horrific scream from the mutant, and a blood-curdling roar from whatever had killed him, the com went dead. Rogue suddenly turned as the same haunting roar rushed through the streets. He was coming for them now...

There they were, He knew there were more. He jumped from the building and began rushing down the street at them, feeling the tiny bits of metal pinging against his skin. A great and sudden feeling washed over him as his right shoulder exploded with an great splash of blood and bone. He looked down at the huge hole in his shoulder, blood rushing from it like a faucet.

What was this feeling? He felt surprised, but that wasn't the feeling coming from the gaping wound. His chest ruptured two more times, and the feeling increased. These wounds were from one of the weaklings' weapon. He looked back down the street and strait into the eyes of Rogue, who's weapon (A Barrett Sniper Rifle) was shouldered.

Pain... That's what the feeling was. He felt pain. Pain from that one's weapon. He'd felt the same pain before... From the same man. How dare he! Everything slowed down as Rogue's rifle flashed again. Akuma dodged the .50 caliber round effortlessly, his wounds healing instantly, and one objective in mind: I'll Kill Him!!!

Rogue flinched a little as the monster dodged the final bullet, and its wounds disappeared. He had to reload, but as the Beast began tearing through his squad of Commandos and Super-Soldiers without taking its eyes of him, he was struck dumb with fear.

"What the hell is this thing!?!" Rogue thought. He suddenly found himself staring up into the beast's face, and raised his rifle on instinct, even though it wasn't loaded. The monster ripped the gun out of his hands, and brought its other fist up, ready to kill him without a second thought.

"DIIIIIIIE!!!" The beast seemed to scream as its clawed hand came down upon the MA Force Commander. A great shockwave knocked everyone around off their feet as Akuma's fist impacted against something. When the smoke cleared all eyes were on the being that had caught Akuma's punch. He wore black fatigues and a silvery chest plate to match his hair and beard, and he had blood red eyes which now matched Akuma's monstrous gaze.

"Mor-Moravian?" Rogue stuttered, wondering why the Shade Commander had come to his rescue.

"Don't mistake me," Moravian said plainly, "I didn't save you because I wanted you to live. I saved you because I wanted to fight this beast at its full power!"

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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I HAD to make this fight cause I kept thinking about it and it turned into something too awesome to pass up.

Act 6: Such A Mess Edit

Rogue glanced at the Shade, then tossed his useless rifle aside and kicked the beast to the floor.

"I was here first." The ex soldier turned intangible and jumped into the beast, beating his insides like a poltergeist. Moravian seemed surprised at the strange event occurring before him, and Rogue leaped back out as the animal fell to the ground.

He wasn't dead, but with his organs a bit out of shape, he had to be in some kind of pain.

"Why can thing never go to plan Joshua ?"

The hair on the back of his neck stood up as he heard Amalgam's voice, and he reluctantly turned to view his master.

"Maam... why aren't you in Umbria..." It was kind of a question, mostly just something to say instead of standing their like a speechless fool.

"It seems like nothing can get done when I send you, and thus, I'll be taking control here." Her eyes glanced around, taking in the surroundings and the ungainly animal before her.

"An Umbral, how intriguing." Reminded of Moravian, she turned.

"Baracuss should be here shortly, especially with this kind of find..." She nudged the Umbral beast with her foot, and it roared with movement.

It wasn't dead.

Act 7: Akuma's Wrath Edit

Moravian tackled the Monstrous Umbral into the nearest building, before it had a chance to attack Rogue. Akuma wrestled itself free and rushed back towards Rogue, but Moravian used Shadow-Step to get between them again. He was knocked aside, however, and the Umbral rushed past Amalgam and the remainder of Rogues squad. Its hand ignited with dark red energy just as he reached the Force Commander, and Rogue barely had time to turn intangible before a huge wave of energy washed through him, and destroyed the rest of the ancient city block.

The look on Akuma's face was that of puzzlement when he beheld Rogue still standing before him, who was wearing a smile. Rogue jumped into Akuma, striking every organ, bone, and artery he saw causing the Umbral to collapse again. When he exited the beast and turned tangible again, however, Akuma grabbed him with its tail, and hurled him at the nearest building.

"Its still not dead?!? I broke every bone, and ruptured its heart! How is it still fighting?!?" Rogue thought, turning intangible again as Akuma charged up another blast.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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I wonder what Eve is doing while this is all happening before her?

Act 8: A challenger appears! \@A@/ Edit

Vernon sat in the tornado shelter, the first aid kit sprawled over the floor, bandages cut and used to cover the massive wound on his head. His left eye wouldn't ever see again.

"Man, I always wanted to be as tough as my Pawpaw, now I am starting to look like his mirror image. Wonder if he could tell me how to get used to the lack of depth perception?" A tear fell from his good eye as he talked to himself.

He looked around the room, lit up with candles. The jugs of water had slowly become large quantities of urine. He hadn't eaten for however long he had been hiding in the trailer park. He grabbed his trusty laptop, and plugged in his WiFi card, opening Firefox. Surprisingly, he was greeted by the familiar green of Deviant Art. Deviations submitted in the last seven months. Wow. That is different. One note. He checked it, seeing the date as many weeks previous. "I miss you too" Disgusted with the sight of the place, he slowly made his way up the stairs, hugging the railing, as the lack of sight disoriented him. He pushed on the door to the cellar, to his dismay. "Fuck me, shit!" He began to wail on the door, until he began to hear the sound of the Makata clicking above him. He sank back down the stairs, and began to string his longbow, knocking an arrow in place as he began to quake. He clicked on ITunes, and put Disturbed on repeat just as the light pooled into the tiny room.

IshmaelOTDOP 20:10, May 9, 2010 (UTC)

Act 9: Streets of ManhattanEdit

Manhattan, New York

32 Hours after the Invasion

Bobby walked through the empty streets of New York, M16 aimed at the road ahead of him. He noticed many bodies, most of them covered in blood. Bobby heard a loud roar come from a nearby alley. He then ran over and turned on the flashlight on his rifle. He counted to three, and came out from behind cover and saw a creature. It was shocked by the flashlight, and it charged toward Bobby, but it was pumped full of bullets from his M16. Before he had time to examine the dead creature, he heard a helicopter. Bobby then ran out and scanned the night skies for spotlights. He heard the helicopter from behind him, and he was engulfed in a blinding light.

Brooklyn, New York

47 Hours earlier

Bobby woke up. The morning sun shining in through his bedroom window. He got up out of bed, and went downstairs. Pouring himself some cereal, he went into the living room, and turned on the television. A news report was on, talking about the Legion of Vigilance stopping another dastardly plan set by Baron Ruthless. Bobby chuckled, then a breaking news alert popped up, showing what appeared to be a large aircraft flying slowly above Russia. Bobby, interested, put down his bowl of cereal and turned the volume up. The news caster then said "it appears the aircraft is not of American, even EARTH origin."

XtranormalGeek - ಠ_ಠ "Fight for your right.":
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I'd be as shocked as Russia.

Act 10 : Horizon stretched foreverEdit

Vernon did his best to put his losses out of his head, as Liberate started the mix. He let the TrueFlight feathers brush his cheek, and the arrow whizzed through the air, catching the first monstrous being in the eye. "Ha! Payback", he exclaimed. He knocked another arrow as the body rolled down the stairs. He raised the bow again, good eye looking straight down the arrow's shaft. He let it fly, but he missed his mark slightly, catching the next alien in the armpit. The creature let out an agonizing scream-like noise, while Vernon quickly knocked another arrow. Aiming slower, he caught the injured beast in the expose portion of it's neck. WHen no more came in pursuit, he ripped the arrows from his fallen victims, bringing flesh and sinew with them. He looked down at his clothes soaked in green, surprised that it wasn't burning him or something. He shoved the arrows in his makeshift quiver, and sneaked out into the sun. He hopped in his truck, and turned it on slowly, like that would make it sound quieter. He made his way home, scoping the burnt landscape. It looked almost the same as it had before. Finally making it to his home, he walked in quietly. He stopped near the door, and knelt down by his grandmother's chair. Tears began to pour as he kissed her hand softly. He stood, and made his way to where his grandfather's corpse sat, still in the same position he had found him in, shortly before the invasion. He leaned in and kissed his grandfather's bald head, as he had done for so many years, staining his tanned and time worn skin with tears. He knelt down in front of his Pawpaw, and took the man's hand in his own. "Don't wait for me there," he said, "I will probably be going in the other direction." He was glad that they went before this all had happened, in the fashion of their own choosing: whilst sleeping. Vernon dried his tears, and began to wonder about his friends. Cody had moved to Arizona, and had just been married. Eddie had moved to North Carolina, following his love, Leaha, and Louie had made his way to Colorado. Vernon went into his grandparents bedroom, the supporting corner of the house there caved in, the ceiling fan now laying on their bed. He turned into the closet, grabbing the key by the door. "Well, I doubt the will matters much, but you did give these to me, didn't you Pawpaw?" He opened the time-worn gun cabinet, and re-inspected the arsenal that lay before him. His grandfathers 22 sat sheathed in front, and he grabbed it quickly, removing the hand made, red sock that covered it. The simple design of forged steel and oak was the first weapon Vernon had ever fired, and it held a special place in his heart. He began to reminisce...

"Back in the old days, your Pawpaw used to be able to light the head on a match, did you know that?" His grandfather's left eye gleamed, the other, scarred and mutilated by years of welder's flash was covered by a milky tint to his glasses, as it always had been. "Really? That is so neat! I am gonna get real good, and one day, I will be as good as you!" The ten year old Vernon was eager, and ready to listen. His grandfather had told him to put away his slingshot when he grabbed it for some practice. "Now," Pawpaw knelt down, marking a small white dot on the side of an old refrigerator that sat in Vernon's great grandfather's famous 'Million Dollar Junkyard', "You need to go off a good, fifty yards, and try and hit that, then we can move on to the next thing." Vernon walked a few extra paces past what was needed, and his grandfather ran to catch up. The way the man smiled when the white mark was replaced by a tiny hole was enough to boost Vernon's morale.

Vernon snapped back into reality, he had to hurry. He grabbed the 12 gauge, double barrel, and the sawed off that sat next to it. That was his grandma's gun, but it had quite a bit of stopping power, as his Pawpaw had modified the gun himself. Vernon then grabbed box after box of ammo, and began to sort through all of the knives. He left the few stock-man's blades, save the one's with family history. He couldn't let heirlooms go. His eyes became extremely wide as he saw the blade he was searching for. It sat at about six inches when closed, doubling when opened. He always wanted that knife. It had belonged to his grandmother's father. Everyone had always said how alike they were, with their round-about way of doing things, and the ability to make people laugh.

"He only killed one man, that we know of. He did that in the boxing ring when he was working for the oil company, during the Depression. He used to take that knife with him when he went gambling, and with that pair of trick dice he used, no telling how many people he may have had to kill with that."

Vernon decided he would add a few more to the list of unknown victims. He ran to his room, and grabbed his favorite black duffel bag, and went back, placing all of the weapons and ammo inside. He went into the kitchen, and looked out into the backyard. He rapped on the patio door, but the sight of his dog not climbing out from beneath the porch disheartened him. The refrigerator was still cold somehow, so he chugged some milk, savoring it. He didn't know if he would ever taste the delicious liquid ever again. He threw the bag aver his shoulder, and walked out. He grabbed the bow and arrows from his truck, and walked over to his grandfather's. This aught to do better. The truck was loaded down with only a small portion of the tools his grandfather had ever had, but Vernon knew where he could get some real work done. He set his arsenal in the back seat, and went to the backyard. He ripped the propane tank from the grill, and then went into the beaten and worn garage, grabbing a hack saw, and a sledge hammer. He placed these alongside the toolboxes, and the welder that sat in the back of the red, '93 Chevy Cheyenne, and hopped in the front seat, turning the ignition, letting the 350 growl to life. "Yes." It was all he needed to say. He backed it out quickly, unafraid of anyone else traveling the streets. "Everybody here is to stupid to live, especially through something like this." He made his way down the familiar block, cars parked along both sides, making the street dangerous, as always. He turned left at the end, and made his way down towards the North end of town. He began to get close to the interstate, and turned off down an odd dirt road, on that didn't go very far. He stopped at the large metal gate, and sorted through his keys, finding the one that undid the large padlock. "There isn't going to be any busting through this gate, not after the Bronco was stolen." Vernon chuckled at his memories, as he swung the gate wide. He climbed back in the truck, and drove it inside, then exited, and closed and locked the gate. "Nobody is going to be disturbing me here. Not taking any chances though. He made his way through the lot, staring at the large sign that he still remembered his grandfather hanging on the front of that old tin building. McFerrin Tractor, that's what it read, followed by the phone number. He made his way through the office, and went to the front, where the large doors sat. He lifted the chain, and only one, as his grandfather had always done. Dust settled on the antique tractors, the large toolboxes, and the naphtha tank. He searched the back clutter until he found it. His three-wheeler, ugly yellow, and covered in grime. He pulled it out into the middle and began to work, long into the night. When he was finished, he stepped back to look at his creation. The Tecumseh go-kart engine was modified, running on the three propane tanks he attached to the roll-bar on the back where the vehicle had once carried a spray tank, for the farmers to use on their crops. The ignition switch was replaced with a newer, more responsive one. The single flood light that was attached to the front was gone, replaced by the light set from a broken four-wheeler. The ugly yellow fiberglass body was replaced with polished steel. A small, home-made, cow-catcher was added to the front, almost making the small vehicle appear harmful. Vernon was proud of his work, and he knew his grandfather would have been, were he alive to see it. As Vernon raised the cover for the propane tanks, sliding it over them, the sun began peek through the tiny perforations in the back of the shop. Vernon bolted the cover down with a torque wrench, and hoped on the seat, which he had not even bothered to replace. The worn out cotton tarp was actually really comfy to sit on for hours. He revved it up, and thick gray smoke poured from the new exhaust pipes. He pulled it outside, and reached into the truck, grabbing his arsenal. He needed to travel light. He left the shop, and the pitiful town in the dust. His family were all dead, and his friends probably shared the same fate. One friend popped into his mind, for a split second, before leaving his thoughts again. "She is too stubborn to stay dead." He rolled his head back an laughed, letting the wind whip him in the face. As he approached the city limits, he used a spare hand to ruffle through his bag, claiming the sawed off. As he passed, the words in white that read "Now leaving Lubbock" gained a nice new splatter of holes. The horizon stretched on endlessly.

Pfft, I got carried away a bit, my bad guys. And I had to edit to add the word not. That is all. IshmaelOTDOP 06:04, May 10, 2010 (UTC)

Act 11: What If I Say I'm Not Like The Others ? Edit

Ditched again, this seemed to happen to Eve a lot lately. She knew where the mutant was, but she had a gut feeling that following him was bad idea.

Then again, life itself was a bad idea.

She jumped to her feet, loaded a few rounds into the Auto 5, just in case, and set off down the street once more.

Eve smiled when she saw the fight before her, but she froze still when she saw the white robed woman standing down the street, amused at the squabbling.

"Glad you can join us Evelyn." Amalgam curtsied.

Thats about the time Eve felt like she just got punched by Mike Tyson, and the world faded...

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There Dan, god =P

Act 12: Practically teleporting Edit

Logan rushed through the rubble of various towns for days until he got to a radio station. Once inside he would wait until the man on the radio would come, he might never come, but it was still a place to rest. He'd wait at least a few days then once again go on his never ending quest of survival.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 13: The Truth hurts... Edit

The massive wave of energy rushed through Rogue and struck the building behind him, smashing every window and demolishing the entire structure. The resulting explosion not only wiped out the buildings around the epicenter, but hurled huge pieces of rubble in every direction. One rather large hunk of debris flew right towards Eve, but struck something else instead, crumbling it into nothing but dust.

Once the cloud dissipated, Eve saw that it had struck a being with the same kind of fatigues as Moravian, but this being had sleek black hair, no body armor, and a long flowing cape that almost dragged the ground. He turned his head toward her, meeting her eyes with his dark gaze. Eve beheld a menagerie of emotions swimming about in his blood red eyes; anger, hatred, regret, hopelessness, sorrow.

However, there was something about the extra-universal being that seemed familiar. She'd seem him before on the news and in magazines, but now that he stood there before her she felt like she had met him in person before. He reminded her of someone she's met. She shook her head at the thought and turned her head to refuse the reading of her own emotions. The Shade smirked and turned back towards Amalgam,

"There had best be a good reason why I must get involved with your affairs, Amalgam. I was having a most excellent nap before some unlucky mutant burst into my quarters, informing me that I was needed. I hope that being wasn't important to your plans, because I had some of the slaves clean his entrails off the wall." Baracuss the Dark said, not a single hint of a joke flashed across his countenance.

Dan sat there on his bed, listening intently to The Voice's latest broadcast, which should be heard within a 200 mile radius of the town. The newscaster's body guards were obviously from the resistance, and he didn't like the glares he received from them. He didn't even know why they were staring at him with such anger. Was it because he hadn't searched for the resistance and offered to join? No. It was something else...

"... So if you Survivalists need a place to stay for a while, come to the place where the water was cool and refreshing. Until next time, this is The Voice speaking its mind in a world that can't." The Voice switched off the radio, stood up, and stretched, "Well if anyone out there besides the MA knows what the hell I was talking about, the Resistance and passing survivors should stop by here to resupply..." He caught Dan's eye, "With your permission of course,"

"Why would they need my permission? If they want some guns then they can have them. If they want shelter for the night then I can't stop them from staying," Dan said plainly. He didn't like the way he was being treated. Even The Voice seemed a bit odd while he spoke to Dan.

"Of course! Anyway, we'll spend the night here, kid, and set off again first thing tomorrow. You're welcome to join us, if you'd like," The Voice said. Dan thought he saw the resistance forces flinch as he said this. This was getting weird.

"OK... what's the deal with you people. Its like you've never seen another survivor in your lives. Why are you acting like I'm some kind of disease infested corpse?" Dan asked, keeping his voice as cool and collected as possible. The Voice sighed then smiled at him.

"Son, we've seen more survivors then you could count, all of them just as dirty, ragged, and war-torn as you are," He said, "The reason why we're acting like this is because we've seen you before," Dan's eyebrow moved upwards on his forehead to form a puzzled look.

"What the hell do you mean? I've never seen you before in my life!"

"I never said that, Kid... I said we've seen you before. I thought you'd have seen the resemblance after watching the news or reading a magazine, but I guess not..." He wasn't making any sense. What did he mean by resemblance?

"I don't understa-" Dan began, but The Voice interrupted,

"You look just like Amalgam's inter-dimensional friend... Baracuss."

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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Act 14:Can We Get This Overwith Already ? Edit

"This is getting rather plain, drop the whelp if you mind." Baracuss, rather angrily tossed Akuma to the floor, and Amalgam rushed forward in a blaze of energy and kicked the Umbral a good half mile through the city blocks, a nice smacking sound coming from the side of her foot.

The extra-dimensional woman pulled her hair back, then looked at Baracuss.

"Help ?" She couldn't help but smirk...

I'm Not Mean !
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The whole Akuma thing got f***ing annoying.

Act 15: Still Alive? Edit

He got up again as he always does, as he always will do, but before he could rush back into battle someone laid a hand on his shoulder.

"That is enough, Akuma... you won't be able to kill those two. I'll let you have some fun with that force commander some other time, but right now return with me to our little home and the rest of our dark siblings..." His master spoke.

Akuma nodded, showing his understanding, and looked back towards Rogue. He stood as strait as he could, pointed at the mutant with his clawed finger, and smiled as best as he could manage. With a fit of menacing laughter that sounded like that of a dying murder of crows, Akuma and his master disappeared from sight using Shadow-Step.

"If you didn't need any assistance, then why did you send for me?" Baracuss argued, not noticing the beast vanishing using a Shade technique. The only one who seemed to notice was Rogue.

"Lord Baracuss, please. You have a headache, return to Umbria and get your rest. I shall be your eyes and ears for now," Moravian insisted. Baracuss frowned, but agreed. He looked back at Eve, then turned toward Amalgam with a smile.

"You're right Moravian... they do look very much like each other..." Baracuss said, reading his friend's expression. With a small chuckle, the Shade King vanished, and Eve took a breath of relief. The sheer pressure of both Amalgam and Baracuss' combined power in the same place had felt as though it would crush her.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
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Another Sub-Plot? Dundundun DUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

Act 16 : The InvasionEdit

Washington, D.C

23 Hours before Invasion

A hummer pulled up at the White House. Several military officers stepped out and walked rather swiftly into the building. The President looked up at the officers. He asked, "What is going on?", the lead officer then said, "There's a problem in Russia".

Manhattan, New York

Driving to his brother's, Bobby turned on the radio, all that was on was a news report on the strange aircraft floating above Russia. The newscaster stated that "military action has been taken", Bobby, stunned, turns off the radio and pulls into his brother's driveway. He ran up to the proch, and knocked on the door hard. His brother opened the door. "Have you seen the news?", Bobby asked. His brother responded, "No, why?". Bobby turned on the television, and a news alert was still on. It stated that "another aircraft has appeared over Japan". Bobby muttered, "what the hell is goin' on?".

XtranormalGeek - ಠ_ಠ "Fight for your right.":
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Act 17: This thorn that's in my sideEdit

Vernon began to grow bored of the drive. Most of what he was seeing was simply the embers of some alien hit-and-run. The streets were shattered, leaving many pieces of road pointing at the sky. He had stopped using them as ramps when one of the guns in his bag had gone off. He didn't know which one. Insomnia served him well, but the one-eyed depth perception was nauseating. He passed through Amarillo, seeing nothing of value, until he drove up to a small diner without any distinguishing marks. The parking lot was filled with modified vehicles. He pulled his tiny three wheeler alongside a massive Dodge, feeling a little embarrassed of his puny little clunker.

He made his way inside, thinking, "Where in the world am I going? There isn't anything left for me." As his thoughts continued, he noticed one thing very plainly: He really needed to urinate. He ran inside, frantically grabbing his crotch. When he entered, the woman behind the counter noticed immediately and pointed to the men's room. He waved and nodded thankfully, and made his way past the customers. He placed one hand on the wall, and leaned in. The sound of liquid was stopped short for a second when the gun clicked behind him. "Crap. I left my guns outside." His mind had slipped like this on many occasions, but this time he was a little screwed.

"Well then boys," the man with the gun pointed was speaking, "looks like we are gonna get to eat tonight."

"Hey Rick," another man made his presence known,"He isn't panicking or anything."

"Oh shut up, Stevie, he would be wetting his pants right now if he wasn't hanging over the toilet."

Vernon zipped his pants up and turned around slowly, hooking his thumbs on his belt, knife hidden by his forearm. "Well guys, I guess it's just your unlucky day. You aren't going to be eating, but I might just get a shower." Three men stared back at him with quizzical expressions. They were all dressed up like old-school eighty's punks. "You see, I, well, I have not had a shower for weeks, and now I won't even have music. My family is dead. My friends, they don't exist to me anymore. My woman probably wants nothing to do with me right now. Needless to say, I am a very dangerous person to be speaking to."

"You say that stuff like it's something that nobody has gone through."

"Yeah, but I haven't mad it to the introductions. I am Vernon."

"What is this little b@tch babbling about?" The leader kept his pistol on Vernon's head. The gun flew away, and the blade clicked open in a second. By the time any of the men knew what had happened, a crimson mist sprayed from the first man's temple. The long blade made it's way to the second man's throat, slicing deep. The third man received a jab in the ribs, and Vernon fell on top of him stabbing him repeatedly until the man was no longer recognizable, his entrails falling out onto the floor in hunks. Vernon stood up, a smile on his face. "And I am Ishmael." With that, he fell to his knees and began to vomit on the fresh corpses.

He made his way out of the restroom, receiving odd looks from the patrons, knife still clutched in his hand. He made it to the door without interruption, then turned back to the diner. He walked over and took a seat at the bar. "What's on the menu?"

"Those guys in the restroom," is what the lady said to him.

"Okay then," and with that, he left the diner, and mounted his three-wheeler.

Alien Caterpillar mark 3
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No good reason to go north yet... hmmmm....

Act 18: If everyone else is doing it... Edit

Logan rocked in a chair for several minutes, just staring at the door hoping the man on the radio would come in. Then he heard a noise comeing from a different room. He stood up and grabbed his EBR and headed towards the mysterious room. He aimed down the iron sights when he threw open the door, finger just above the trigger. The room was empty though, "Hmmm must have been my imagination.",said Logan out loud. Logan began to look around the room to find various supplies, maps, and devices. He picked up one of the guns in a crate, an AK-47, and out of curiosity took out the clip. To his surprise the clip was filled with nothing but somekind of gas. He inserted the clip and fired the gun once, to his surprise instead of a 7.62x39mm bullet a laser came out making a large black mark in the wall. Logan put the gun back in the crate, "What is this place?" Logan said out loud.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 19: Upon waking Edit

Vernon opened his eyes slowly, the pain wracking his body. He had skidded to a stop a fair distance, and the asphalt had torn his back to shreds. Blood leaked from it, and he felt woozy enough to just close his eyes again, and die. The three wheeler lay on it's back, wheels still spinning. After four days of insomnia, he had simply passed out, leaving him at the mercy of the road. He looked up, and saw a large sign designating the New York state line. He smiled. "Almost made it out to Canada." He wanted to snap his fingers in jest, but he hurt to bad to move. He tried to keep his eyes open. Tried to keep fighting. Maybe someone would find him.

Alien Caterpillar mark 3
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Well since nobody else is doing it...

Act 20: Sometimes You Have To Do Things Yourself Edit

"Joshua, withdraw all of our units. I'll take care of this myself" The last part Amalgam muttered to himself, Rogue was astonished at the order, but he simply nodded and called it in.

"And take the passed out girl with you."

Eve was still passed out...

I'm Not Mean !
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Dan ! Don't mess with what I'm doing when I said I was passed out -.- God damn nub.

Chapter 6 Edit

Act 1: Giant snake wizards first! Edit


The sphere...

Logan leaned against the wall thinking deeply about the various equipment in the radio station, perhaps this was a Mutant Alliance base? Logan jumped as he heard and felt wind throughout the room. In the center of the room a sphere suddenly appeared and began to grow in size for about thirty seconds and then shattered within itself making the appearance of broken glass. Once it stopped growing it rippled within itself until it was stable. Logan not knowing what the hell was happening just crouched in a cornor. After about a minute a large robed figure appeared through the sphere carrying a staff and had a snake head. The creature flickered it's tounge and looked around the room sharpy. It then stared dead at Logan.

Spartan-0066 fired his AK80 into the back of an unsuspecting Red Soldier, the 7.62x39mm rounds killed him instantly. He looked around to see Boomer flinging a Rot Degan off a cliff and Krokodil tearing apart an Anti-infinty Allio Corruo. The Super-soldier could hear Mantis Walkers coming closer to reinfirce the position. The day belonged to the U.N. But he had seen the Wizard known as Omega-Serpent only a moment ago, with a kill count of over 1,000 U.N. Soldiers he was wanted dead very badly. "Where'd that slimy snake go? Boomer you see him crawl under a rock?" asked Spartan-0066. "Didn't see him at all Sith. How about you Krokodil?" replied Boomer. "Ya I saw him, almost had a shot to but he opened some kind of portal," Krokodil then pointed to a large sphere, "It's right there." The three super heroes approached the portal. "Should we go in it?" asked Boomer. "Might as well." replied Spartan-0066. "No, at least not yet." said Krokodil.Krokodil had rank, they would wait, for now.

Logan tried to raise his EBR but the robed snake moved to fast and he was up against the wall with the staff at his neck before he could fire. "What are you doing here boy?" hissed Omega-Serpant to Logan. "Ummmm...sleeping? If you haven't noticed it's kind of radioactive outside." replied Logan. "I know what it is like out there you nave!" said Omega-Serpant. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill you right now?" "Ummmm...hmmmm....O because I'm the only thing between you and certain destruction." lied Logan. Omega-Serpant replied "You expect me to believe that?"

Spartan-0066 kicked a rock in frustration, just behind that sphere was Omega-Serpant completely defencelss just ripe for a bullet in the head. After about a minute he heard the roar of a Jetpack and then the follow up sound of a small thud. Then he heard the sound of footsteps, the person was running. He turned around to see an armor figure running past him, it was the Bounty Hunter Venator. He threw something at Spartan-0066 and then jumped into the Sphere. Spartan-0066 then yelled out an order, "Boomer follow that Bounty Hunter!" "Yes sir!" she replied and jumped into the sphere after the Bounty Hunter. Spartan-0066 then picked up what he had been thrown, it was a datapad, he opened it up to find it was a signed order from the Surpeme Commander to allow Venator to go after Omega-Serpent. "Aww crap, Krokodil did you know the Bounty Hunter was supposed to go after the snake?" asked Spartan-0066. "Yes, he just handed an order from the Surpreme Commander to me. When I said that Omega-Serpent went through some kind of portal he rushed towards the sphere. Also he told me not to send anybody with him, said that the portal might lead to a very dangerous place. You didn't order anybody to follow him did you Sith?" said Krokodil. "Lack of communication." shrugged Spartan-0066. "Don't go in that thing nor send in anybody else, Boomer will be turned around by Venator. That's an order."

"Anything you would like to say before you die?" asked Omega-Serpent "Ehhhh, not really." replied Logan. Then Omega-Serpent fell to the floor, in his place stood an armored figure with a crossbow aimed at Omega-Serpent's head. Then another armoed figure came tumbling out of the sphere and fell on the previous one. Omega-Serpent saw his chance and slithered out of the radio station as fast as he could. Venator knocked Boomer off of him and ran outside shooting at the trail of the snake with his M450, but to no prevail Omega-Serpent was long gone. "See this is why I told Krokodil not to let anybody follow me." said Venator. "Hey you were running into a portal, you've worked with the snake before, what was I supposed to think?" replied Boomer. "That I was after the 50,000,000 doller bounty." answered Venator. Logan chose this time to get out of the radio station, he had a radio so he still had a chance to find The Voice. "Ok you are gonna help me kill the snake, got it?" said Venator to Boomer. Boomer nodded and both headed out into the wasteland.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 2: Spiritual Power Edit

The Mutant Alliance Dropship soared over the city, following the beacon from a Scout Division that they lost contact with roughly three hours ago.

"I don't like this Sir..." The Squad's second in Command said, looking out the dropship's hatch and down into the barren city below.

"How about you shut the hell up and grow a pair, Markus..." Repulse snapped, his black trench coat flowing in the wind rushing through the hatch, "I can handle anything we come across out here..." He added as the ship banked to the left and descended into the streets below.

Necros smiled when he heard the engines of a vehicle growing louder, and he sat up from his resting place atop a large building. He stretched his arms and back when he stood, his long black Duster swaying in the breeze. Looking out over the building tops he saw the large Dropship descending into the streets, its four Propellers were the last to be seen of it as it disappeared out of his line of sight.

After rubbing his eyes and a quick yawn, Necros leaped off the side of the building, hurtling head first towards the ground below. He flipped himself over just before collision and landed softly on his feet. He then vanished in a blur of speed, heading off to where he saw the Dropship disappear, the incredible energy signature of one of its occupants guided the way.

Repulse kicked against the head of one of the dead mutants that had once made up the Scout Party, the bodies of seventeen others littered the street before them.

"It seems like they were killed by an unsurvivable amount of brute force," the Squad's medic reported after examining another body.

"The magazines in their weapons are just about depleted. Cartridges and empty magazines are strew everywhere, as are the bullet holes in the surrounding buildings.

"Whatever they encountered, it was either to fast for them to keep up with or it was multiple enemies that attacked from all directions," Markus reported, rushing over to Repulse using his super speed. Repulse stepped forward, ignoring Markus' theory, and placed himself in the centre of the dead mutants. His body began to glow a bluish-white color as he read the different trails of leftover spirit energy,

"There was only one attacker, and it was defiantly not human. Its speed was incredible, as was its strength," Repulse said, rewatching the conflict via the energy residue left behind, "It was not the one called Akuma however. This being controlled the power it put out masterfully, and fought with hit-and-run attacks rather then a berserk and mindless fashion," The glow faded away suddenly as Repulse looked down a street to his right.

There stood the being that had killed the Scout Party. He had the appearance of a 19 Year old boy, with short dark black hair and emerald green eyes. His hair was rather messy, but seemed to have been trained enough to flow towards the back of his head. He also wore a black long coat, a Duster by the design of it, which hung down to his ankles.

"Well, it seems my theory was correct. Those dead people on the ground were your allies right? I knew someone would come looking for them eventually," The being seemed to be pleased with the fact that he had been right, and was wearing a proud smile, "Now then... I'll ask you the same thing I asked your friends: Where is Baracuss the Dark?"

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Act 3: Following the scentEdit

Snake's Trail

Possibly Omega-Serpent's trail.

Boomer and Venator followed what appeared to be a giant snake trail, but in a nuclear wasteland there was the possibility of more than one giant snake-person.''Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Friday, April 19 2019

Act 4: Masters of Spirits Edit

Repulse stared Necros down, not wanting to believe that this immature looking being had wiped out an entire Mutant Alliance Scout Party, but there was no mistaking it. The energy signature matched perfectly. Necros was growing impatient,

"I'll ask you one last time... where is Baracuss the Dark?" The Henkan warrior asked through his teeth, trying his best to keep his temper. Repulse saw this anger boiling within him, as well as the enormous amount of Spiritual energy the young warrior was holding back,

"Why would you want to know where that weakling is?" The Commander smirked, trying to make Necros angry so he can have fun by fighting him. Necros clenched his fists at the Mutant's insult, then noticed that Repulse's squad had surrounded him,

"I see how it is..." Necros said, catching Marcus' kick as the second in command rushed forward with his super speed. The speed mutant was thrown into the next MA Soldier nearest to him, "You want nothing more then to fight me... eh?" Necros looked back at Repulse, his green eyes flashing in the light of the orange hued clouds.

"That's right," Repulse smiled, placing both his hands within his coat pockets, "If you manage to injure me to the point where a cannot fight, I'll tell you where Baracuss is... Otherwise, you will die..." Necros moved his eyes from the commander and looked around at Repulse's squad again.

"Are they going to interfere?" He asked. Repulse smiled again,

"Probably..." The commander said with a shrug.

"Then they should be killed off first... so that our battle can go on uninterrupted!" Necros vanished with a blur, a mutant flying into the side of a building a split-second later. The Henkan appeared upon the Shoulders of another soldier, broke the mutant's neck with a quick twist of his body, and vanished again.

Repulse watched closely. He couldn't keep up with Necros' movements with his eyes, but he knew where the Henkan was at all times by reading the Spirit Particles that flowed from his body. This fight was going to be too easy...

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