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Those Who Heed The CallEdit




Blammo taht wun dewd

OS53 The Black Spartan - Beware!


The Mutant Alliance has been fighting to destroy the United Nations for almost 4 years, claiming a string of victories, and losses. The United Nations is on the ropes, with most continents being heavily in combat, with many Grey Zones fluxuating from Human to Mutant control. The Legion of Vigilance fights for the UN, wanting a peace to the all out warfare, before it gets to a point of no return, a nuclear one. However, this peace can only be achieved if Amalgam, the powerful super mutant in charge of the MA, is ousted. In this epic battle, fates will cross, heroes will fall, enemies shall rise, and the fate of the world will be decided by you...heed the call, or watch as the world ends...

Map of the ConflictEdit

800px-Red dawn 1984 movie start of ww3

The far reaching conflict has encompassed almsot the entire globe, prompting it to be called World War 3. Some areas are firmly under the control of the UN (blue) and some MA (red). However, most of the globe is under a constant flux of occupation (grey), and the main areas of human control are being thoroughly torn to shreds from constant battling (green).

Act 1:End In SightEdit

Amalgam sat back in her comfortable leather chair, drinking her scotch as she watched her Mutant Alliance Commandoes practice on puching bags and gun targets. "Vanessa, come here..." she said over the COM, waiting for the sliding door to open and the young, ivory haired vixen stepped in. "Yes, maam ?" she said, awaiting patiently for an answer. "How are things ? Are we getting closer to our destination ?" said Amalgm, rising from her chair. "Umm, we have had slight difficulties, the target is deep in UN territory, and our troops are only so..." Amalgam blazed forward with superhuman speed, blasting Whitewash through the window, and down onto the training mat below. Several troops craned their heads upward. "Next time, give me knews about something besides our losses, no matter what it is. Maybe how we are doing in China?" With that, Amalgam wiped her hand on her combat suit and strode to her hidden sanctum, turning a shower head and washing away the memories.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Act 1:Aboard The VigilanteEdit

The Vigilante hovered above Texas, Wonder looking down on the smoked red landscape. Cadavers filled the area, hundreds of MM soldiers, no supers, and hundreds of the National Guard soldiers lie dead on the battlefield. "Subs," Slickspeed said, motioning Subzero. Subzero turned his head, and looked at Slick,


"Do you think were going to be alright, I mean, look down on the grave scene."

"Boys, please, some of us want to get some sleep." Seraph said, as he looked around the room quarters, ready to "hit the hay".

Suddenly, a large piece of flaming coal was sent towards the ship. Wonder banked off, missing it by an inch.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 1:Move AlongEdit

MA Trooper Jesse White waved his rifle at the crowd, beckoning them to "Move along." like all the other members of this particular branch of the Mutant Alliance Strike Force were doing. These particular men were being herded towards a group of rifleman, for hiding UN troops in their apartment building. Jesse lined them against the wall of a highrise, and counted down the fire time. "READY !!!," several rifles raised "AIM !!!," several rifleman chose their targets "FIRE." At that moment, 397 UN citizens died simultaneously, unknowing that the Vigilante above could see the whole atrocity.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Act 1:Slickly ManiacalEdit

Slickspeed dropped down 200 feet, using his speed to break his fall. He zoomed in front of a soldier, took his rifle, and whacked his head with it. He was movingso fast, it only appeared as soldiers were dropping dead.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 1:Anger and MaliceEdit

Amalgam kept her wild temper in check, watching on the video screen as Slickspeed incapacitated over 300 troops. Luckily, her command ship was close by, and she disembarked towards his position, Whitewash in tow with over 100 mutan commandoes. They were nto to be trifled with. Coming upon the seen, Amalgam saw her troops knocked out, and the commandoes dragged them back to the ship. It was a 2 on 1 fight now, and Amalgam could smell Slickspeed, his fear magnifying as Whitewash caused a huge elctrical storm to form in the sky.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Act 1: The CavalryEdit

Seraph, with his abilities, sensed the commandos coming, and motioned to Wonder. He released Subzero, and Flamer, two opposites, hoping to confuse them. The three fought, until Flamer was hit by Lightning. Subzero got him back to the Vigilante, and never came back out. Slickspeed was horrified, but still fought hard and tough.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 1: RomulusEdit

3:45 PM Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

Romulus tore massive chunks of rock from the canyon and threw them at the pursuing helicopters. Why are they hounding me? He thought to himself. One accelerated in front of the other three just to turn around and spray with it's machine gun. Ha! Novice He though. Romulus kicked his boots together, sending pillars of flame shooting out, lifting him off his motorcycle, and straight towards the helo. The small bullets did little but ping off of romulus' suit. He crashed violently into the chopper, his grip failing as he struggled to find purchase on the smooth metal. He balled his fist and punched through the thinly armored skin of the helo, and grabbed hold. He threw out his other arm, activating the suits electron accelerator and tore more sandstone out of the canyon walls.

He pulled it sharply towards himself and leaped as the rocks inertia let it collide with the small helicopter. It smashed the helo against the rock wall crumpling it like a soda can before it exploded into a ball of dust, smoke and flame. Romulus fell rapidly, but long before he reached the bottom of the canyon he tapped his boots together and was sent flying up in a cloud of thick black smoke.

The other two helicopters had no weapons so they pulled off into the distance. Within seconds they became harmless black specks on the horizon. Harmless Romulus thought, For now. He gunned the engine and peeled away along the precarious road.

Mr. Shrub

Act 1:The AirfieldsEdit

5:00 PM
Amalgam's headquarters

Amalgam was very worried about the failed invasions of her army in spain. Many ships had sunk there from aerial units that were bombarding them. It was estimated that a complex of airfields was located near to the coast, preventing the ships from reaching it. Amalgam knew it was impossible to invade Spain without destroying these airfields first.

"These airfields have brought countless casualties to the alliance". It is your task to uncover it. Use the powerful army I built it for you and find where they hide it."

These were her words to one of the most powerful villain in the Mutant alliace, Darkblade. He was sent to uncover these airfields with his personal battalion, Blade, and then send a small strike team of aircraft to bombard the airfields. Darkblade knew the danger of this mission as well as the possibilites to reach the coast alive. However, he didn't deny to follow the orders of Amalgam and prepared himself for the mission.


Act 2:Not To Be Trifled WithEdit

After the heroes left, UN infantry encircled the outgunned group. Amalgam blazed forward, letting out a ferocious blast of molten rock that threw an entire UN regiment off its feet. The enemy fired. Amalgam fired back, literally. The enemy didnt fire again. Whitewash unleashed her powers, creating a massive electrical storm. Several UN choppers exploded into fiery bits, raining red hot shrapnel across the charred and crushed street. The rocks under the deadly duo's feets shuffle as they did, rolling along like active grenades. Something was coming for them...something BIG... We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Act 2: Roadside BombsEdit

Broken Edge jumped onto the dunes, hundreds of MA soldiers ambushing him. Broken Edge looked at the plains, and then said, "Okhma, Egrain, Tasuma!"

And the dunes blew off, revealing the MA soldiers. Edge looked at them and smiled, he lifted his fist, and moved it around. 15 sand beings rose up, and started fighting the MA soldiers. They crumpled underfoot. Edge then laughed, and walked on. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 2:InfiltrationEdit

Whitewash wiggled her way through a small ventilation duct, infiltrating the Vigilante. She had dyed her hair the night before and completely changed her appearance. No hero could discover her. She walked forward, into the dreary ships corridors. Accesing an electrical panel, a door slid open and she saw a sleeping Slickspeed. She walked forward, pulling out a pair of taser cuffs and a syringe of mercury. She put him in the hand cuffs, and injected him. Then she stealthily moved back out the door to her real destination. The Ammunition storage room... We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Act 2:A Hidden EnemyEdit

Wonder walked forward and grabbed his coffee. It was cold. And it was Black, just like he liked it. He put it in the Microwave when Neutron walked in. Neutron looked around, and said, "Readings are picking up DNA not registered on the ship... Who do you think it is? Whoever it was, was in Slickspeed's room. The injected him with something. Mercury. We sent him to the infirmary. But Wrap was gone. We saw a bit of blood. We think the person aboard this ship kill-"

Wonder interjected, "Set all the rooms on Lockdown! We need to get to the Computer Lab!" Seraph and Paladin were waiting outside. They ran down the stairs, two flights, in case the elevator was hacked, down, etc. They hurried down the hall, and finally arrived at the lab. Neutron and Seraph went in, and looked at the view screen, while Wonder and Paladin readied themselves outside. Seraph clicked the red, ALL ROOMS LOCK button, and opened the display-horn. He spoke into it, his voice echoing throughout the ship. "Whoever is in here, we have you cornered in the halls. Every room is now on Lockdown. You may have got Slickspeed and Wrap, but we will survive. Slickspeed has been given antidotes. Wrap is missing. You will be found. We have you corned." Everyone stepped into the room, and Locked it down, barricading it with a chair." The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 2:The Bigger They Are, The Harder They FallEdit

Looking up, a massive, building sized UN Spider Drone approached. Its auto cannons unfolded, and locked onto Amalgam, who was meditating alone, in the middle of the rubble of downtown El Paso. The Drone fired, but Amalgam burst into the air and knocked the high explosive shells back towards the gargantuan walker. Fiery bits of metal and flesh were all that remained after they reached their target, and the vehicle collapsed in front of her.

Whitewash blasted the intercom with a bolt of searing hot lightning. It sputtered and melted to the floor. "Who is Wrap ? Why am I being accused of murder ?". She leapt out of the hallway, blasting down the door to the gunbay open. Flipping open a nearby hatch, she landed on her feet next to a huge, high explosive missile. "Perfect" she said to herself, but then she felt something wrap around her, and she was thrown across the room, dropping the highly dangerous IED she was wielding, and setting the timer to 60 seconds. We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Act 2: The End BeginsEdit

Broken Edge looked at the hundreds of MA soldiers behind him, ready to execute, and then at the sky. In about three seconds the MS0879 Heavy Attack Vehicle/CRAW would drop from the sky and smash them. The soldiers loaded their weapons. Edge counted, "Two...", the soldier got in their firing positions. Edge looked up again, "One..." The commander said, "FI!-" The CRAW landed. Edge felt a sharp pain in his backside. The CRAW had smashed them all, blocking their fire, but one still shot. The hatch opened, and Metalhead said, "C'mon in mummy! We gotta get through the border to El Paso!" And with that Edge got in, and rolled off.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew


Whitewash electrocuted the perpetrator, who was revealed as Wrap. She grabbed her tentacle like arm, and burned it. She shrieked back, and fell through another door, leading to a nuclear reactor. Wrap slapped Whitewash with her burnt arm, doing very little besides making her fury grow. He striked again, but she struck first. Whitewash clapped her hands together, firing a massive electrical cloud that filled the whole room. Wrap was stunned, and fell back onto a ledge. If she sipped, she would die. Whitewash made sure of this. She jumped in the air, and spun around forming an electrical tornado, which blasted Wrap into the nuclear reactors turbine. Wrap was sucked in like taffy, being spun around and simultaneously incinerated. Then the IED blew. Whitewash fell through the gaping maw it created, as a huge explosion went off. Falling rapidly, she clapped her hands and landed on her signature lightning cloud, and flew off to the command vessel.

Amalgam sifted through the wreckage, until she heard a sonic boom a few miles away. It was the signature noise made by the CRAW, the LoV's attack vehicle. It was coming for her. She sat down, meditating, and waited for its arrival. Things may get messy, so she took out a Kleenex. We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Act 2:CRAWlingEdit

The CRAW continued on at thirty miles per hour, crushing the Border fence. Broken Edge felt as if he was being pulled apart, and burned, and fell to the ground. He screamed in agony, and Seraph, like a father, ran over. He saw his eyes, half green, meaning something was wrong. His spirit was connected with Wrap's due to a spell Edge enforced, and everyone knew their bond. The only way to keep Edge from dying too was to deactivate the spell. And only a person in the bond could deactivate it. The CRAW was getting closer to Amalgam, and Edge closer to death. Seraph got the Spell Book, and forced him to open his moth, Edge recited it, "Makuj Veraj, Sakul MYAM!" And suddenly his green eyes went back to normal. Seraph telepathically pulled the shrapnel out, and Edge was good again. Amalgam was only meters away... The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 2:The End, EndsEdit

Broken Edge stepped out of the CRAW, and walked up to Amalgam. He looked at her, and said,

Broken Edge: "Hello there."

Amalgam: "Are you the only one who will be accompanying me in this glorious ruin ?"

Broken Edge: "Almost everyone else is afraid. How is my English? I just learned. Would you like to see someone else?"

Amalgam: "Did Whitewash accomplish her little, sideshow mission, I heard a big ruckuss. And I believe you would need more heroes to stop me, yes."

Broken Edge: Broken Edge kneeled down. He looked down. "I don't intend to fight you. They do. And yes, Whitewash killed her. My true love."

Amalgam: "WHAT ! She killed someone ? Well, now it doesnt matter, whats done is done, the Vigilante cant fight and its time for me too. Goodbye." Amalgam blazed forward, jump kicking Broken Edge and throwing him back several feet. She created a layer of white hot magam around her extremities, and locked eyes with the group of Supers.

Wonder: Broken Edge cast a spell, and sand turned to glass. " You!" Wonder struck, he ran forward and punched her in the chest.

Amalgam: Spitting up blood, she spat it towards Wonder. Then she grabbed a scarf from her pocket. Absorbing Whitewash's DNA from the now noticeably bloody scarf, Amalgam smacked her hands and shot lightning at Wonder. Then she saw Broken Edge get back up.

Broken Edge: "Owa Saman!" And the dirt rose, sinking Amalgam in. "I don't want to fight, oh Pharaoh. But I must do what I have to."

Amalgam: "Which is ?" Before he could answer, Amalgam shot up, sing molten lava as her proppelent. She grasped a sleeping wonder by the throat, and created a ppol of lava with a wav of her hand. "All of you little crows, come out of your nest and CRAW !" she said, holding Wonder above the molten waves.

The CRAW: The CRAW opened fire, and a large carpet of explosions surrounded Amalgam, blowing her back. It hurt, badly.

Amalgam: Amalgam stood up, her armor heavily damaged. She tore it off and tossed it aside. Then, she clapped again, blowing the CRAW to shit. The supers came out, like she had asked. Then she sat down, and waited for them to attack. She had an ace up her sleeve. Peering up at there suprised faces, and taking a long pieceof metal out of her forehead, she staunchly said "You cant kill me. I have a healing factor, the best you can do is capture me. And I am not going with out a messy, fun fight." Just then her ace arrived. Bloodstorm walked from behind the rubble.

Metalhead: Metalhead murmured something out of his voice receptors. He looked at Amalgam. And every hero stepped back. Thirty two rounds of bullets the size of doors rained down on Amalgam and Bloodstorm, clouding the view.

Amalgam: Amalgam grabbed Bloodstorm and threw him towards Metalhead, with the heroes having no chance of knowing as the dust clou was in fully fury. She felt bullet enter her skull, and knew she wouldnt die, but knew she had lost...

Bloodstorm: Bloodstorm started smashing at anything soft, throwing Neutron and a now fully awake Wonder backwards. He smashed at Metalhead, but felt his hand crack open and bleed. He turned around, and not knowing where his master was, fled the battle scene and left Amalgam to be captured.

Wonder: "It looks like your last card ran away, Amalgam! Metalhead, get her in a bio cell. Call in a dropship. I have to have a word with her." Wonder walked to Amalgam, and asked, "You said what, to Broken Edge, earlier, as if you had no idea what Whitewash did. What was that about?" Wonder looked over, "Let's get her to safety. A room, locked down. You have to wear power-holders to keep your powers down."

Act 3:Defeat and a New BeginningEdit

When Amalgam was situated in a white bio cell onboard the Vigilante , she was set in front of a long table. Wearing power-holders, she was set at a table. The group of heroes left and someone she hadnt seen in 2 years, Savior, walked in. He touched his warm, subtle hand to her head, and read her mind. "Hmm..." he said, and wrote on a clip board. The he left, and the heroes stepped back in.

Wonder: "Lets get started..." he said, looking at all of the other heroes Amalgam fought before her capture. Then peering at her, he wasnt sure what to say. She spoke first.

Amalgam: "Dont stutter, just please, ask away. I feel nothing but sadness and malice right now, not in the mood for threatening behavior." As she said this, tears flowed down her cheeks.

Seraph: "I'll take over. Amalgam, do you admit to killing over 20,000 UN soldiers, and 5,000 MA Strike Force soldiers? Do you confess?

Amalgam: "What ?! I never killed my own men. But yes, I admit killing 20,000 UN soldiers, because I did it for mutant kind, not some world domination scheme." Amalgam shufled her body, becoming more comfortable. Savior wrote something else down on his clip board. Above the other Legionairres looked down on the trial from a skylight. Amalgam was becoming noticeably uncomfortable.

Slickspeed walked in, unmasked, with an IV in his neck, his light brown hair shining. He sat down, and said,

Slickspeed: "Hey Amalgam... Sorry, Wonder made me say this... Do you admit, to putting children, adults, and mankind itself, in danger?"

Amalgam: "No, I admit to defending Mutant Kind when nobody else would. And, did I just hear you say sorry ? If I am not correct my protege poisoned you out of anger, and plus, I lit your feet on fire once ! Why are you saying sorry ?!"

Slickspeed blushed, his heart rate monitor going up. And he quickly shuffled out of the room. Broken Edge walked in.

Broken Edge: "Do you admit to killing some civilians? Your soldiers may have, and that counts!"

Amalgam: "HOW YOU EGYPTIAN RELIC !" How does it count if I wasnt the one doing it ? Did Emperor Konoe of Japan get tried for WW2 war crimes he didnt know about ? NO ! Why should I ? I had the difficult job of being in charge of mutant rebel groups that were only in the Alliance for the supplies. I was only a figurehead, despite me actually leading things. I never knew about them."

Wonder: Wonder slammed his fist on the table, and said. "The main question is, do you take the full blame for your actions in these earlier months??? Do you confess!?"

Amalgam: "I...I..-I c...." she could barely keep her eyes straight, the pressure was mounting, her psychosis was growing, and the Legionairres were peering at her like hawks. "I-" Wonder stepped in.

Wonder: "Close enough. Send Amalgam to Quarters room number 24, next to Savior's, he can monitor her. Send her there immediately. Reduce the strength on her Power Holders. Amalgam, there is already food in your refrigerator, water in the fossit, purified. The couch unfolds into a bed, the blankets are in a closet, there is a TV, that plays like one from a Hotel, only National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet. Cartoon Network and Disney Channel are also available, though you'll be the first one to watch them."

Act 4: In The CalmEdit

Slickspeed walked up to Subzero, and asked, "Do you think Amalgam likes me?", Subzero made a face. "What? Some whack-job that just wasted us, and you've got a crush on her? Look, if you like her, go to her room, but make sure to act calm, not like you did at the interrogat-" Before Subzero could finish, Slickspeed was at room 24's red door. Slickspeed knocked. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 4:Door AnsweredEdit

Amalgam: "Hello ?" said Amalgam, looking around, then spotting Slickspeed. She was slightly confused that someone she had been evil to in the past wanted to see her.

Slickspeed: "Uhh, hi there. I'm Slickspeed, we've met. Do you, uhh... Can I come in? Can I get a snack?"

Amalgam: "Umm, okay. But honestly, why are you here ? Come inside and tell me."

Slickspeed: "Do you... Want to go out!? I'm 24, how bout you..." Slickspeed had gotten very tense.

Amalgam: "Like for dinner ? Sure, I haven't eaten in, like, 3 days, The MA;s supply lines through Mexico were cut, I am starving." The two walked into a buffet style restaurant, and got some food, Amalgam oriental, Slickspeed some spaghetti. The whole time she was glared at curiously.

Slickspeed: "Ignore them. Anyways, how do you like the food? The spaghetti is good, but... Ok, what do you want to say... I'm blank."

Amalgam: Moving their plates to a darker, hidden corner of the restaraunt, Amalgam answered the question. "I wanna know why you stood up for me yesterday, I mean, I lit your feet on fire once ! That is no incentive to be nice to me..."

Slickspeed: "Look, you always seemed nice, always, like something was missing in your life. And your, kinda hot. Plus, I can forgive, even though my feet are still burning from the lava. Look, I just like you, you've got it all. The looks, the mind, the heart, even the powers. It's the truth."

Amalgam: Amalgam felt touched, as if she was being spoken to by an angel. " by far...the..." she took her plate aNd ran back to her room, running into Metalhead on the way, knocking herself to the ground. She looked up, and he looked down.

Metalhead: Excuse me little lady, wait... Your Amalgam!" Metalhead's voice receptor tone changed to the voice of Elvis, "Get me a Peanut and Banana sandwich and I'll help you-" Suddenly Slickspeed interjected, and pushed Metalhead out of the way.

Slickspeed: "Look, sorry if I said something wrong. I'm so sorry! Please! Give me another chance."

Metalhead: "Oo! Slickspeed flirtin' with the new gal! A little hubba-hub-"

Slickspeed: "Shut up Rustbucket!"

Amalgam: Amalgam laughed out loud, suprising them both. Then her face returned to its hostile look, and she clocked Metalhead in the face. He grabbed his nose, in pain. Then she went back to her room, listening to Slickspeed follow her. As the door closed behind her, he jumped through, followed by a mad Metalhead. Slickspeed took him into the hallway to talk, leaving Amalgam alone happily.

Metalhead: "I could tell Wonder you know !" he said, with a voice that was gruff and angry.

Slickspeed: "Stop. Just stop! This is the first girl I've ever really liked, so don't blow it for me. She is perfect! I don't want you to get her kicked out, because I really like her, so SHUT UP YOU OVERSIZED TOASTER!

Amalgam: "This getting out of hand. I have an appointment with Savior, something, I'm not sure really, see you tomorrow ?"

Slickspeed: "Sure thing, I guess, I'm at room 38. See you tomorrow Amalgam." Slickspeed sighed and walked off, while Metalhead went in the other direction.

Amalgam: Running after Slickspeed, he gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then said "Bye."

Slickspeed: "Bye!", Slickspeed started to stumble, then was gone in a flash. Already in his room.

Act 4:SaviorEdit

Amalgam walked next door, and opened the door to Savior's room. He was sitting on a bed, and a glowing blue aura floated around his head, emitting from his fingers. Those warm, gentle fingers thought Amalgam subconsciously. He must've heard her thoughts, because he looked up with little suprise. "Come here Eve." he said, the first person to truly know or use her name in over 12 years. She obeyed, almost in a trance. He grabbed her hand, and helped her onto the bed. "You do something for me, I'll do something for you. Deal ?" he said. Amalgam now looked straight at him. "Depends what I would hvae to do, and what you would do in return." "Read my mind" he said "And I'll help clear up that psychosis of yours." It was a tempting offer to her, but she was unsure of this serious, gentle, deadly, lush man. She gave in. We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Something moved the door. It was Slickspeed. He was suddenly motioning Evelyn to leave, and he punched Savior in the nose. "Listen good you idiot! What the heck are you doing!?" Slickspeed punched Savior again, making his nose bleed. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Slickspeed: Get out of here Evelyn!

Amalgam: "What the hell are you doing ?" Amalgam rushed forward with her hand aflame, but Slick moved to fast. Savior got up from the bed, his blood caked onto his lip, but no longer any fresh blood dripping.

Savior: "Listen kid, I can help her more than you can. Can you help clear a mental psychosis ?" Slickspeed shook his head no. Then Savior punched him with a blast of pisonic energy. By this time Amalgam was already helping Slick up, as a curious crowd of onlookers arrived, including Wonder, who stood back to watch the fight.

Slickspeed: Slickspeed through a coffeemaker at Savior, the pot cracking, glass spreading through Savior's face. Slickspeed then started punching him so fast it looked like Savior wasn't even getting hit. "But you're not a good influence old man!"

Amalgam: Amalgam felt her rage growing, and with out any help she would blow. All she felt was heat...growing and growing...

Savior: "In technicality, I am not a day older than 27, I mean, look at that guy Wolverine ? And I could help her far moe than anyone else here." He grasped Slickspeeds hand, and crushed his knuckles with his bodily strength. Then, him up, and body slammed him.

Amalgam: Amalgam couldnt hold it in. She counted down...3.

Slickspeed: "You didn't... AAAH!" Slickspeed didn't let Savior move. He came at him with so many punches and kicks, that Savior hardly had time to breathe.

Amalgam: 2....

Savior: Savior blew Slickspeed back, who just knocked him in the head, almost reacting as if he hadn't even moved. "Your pretty strong old man!" Slickspeed said.

Savior: "Yeah..wait, where did Eve go ?!" He looked around, and so did Slickspeed. Then they both saw her, and ran towards her. Of course, Slick got their first. They both heard her mutter one.

Amalgam: One... A huge burst of light as hot as the sun blew out from Amalgam's body, and it was beyond her control. The floor melted, and she fell to a room below. Several people jumped backwards as she landed in the cafeteria, burning up a huge amount of tables, and watched as she fell through the floors. If she wasnt stopped, she would burn through the entire ship. But, she was untouchable, literally...

Slickspeed: Slickspeed ran to the floor, and caught Evelyn. His costume and hands were being scorched, but he didn't care. He was holding Evelyn in his arms. She felt calm in his arms. She smiled in her unconsciousness.

Savior: Savior watched as the crazed the man he had been fighting, Slickspeed, actually touched the beautiful star going supernova, Eve. He stood in awe, as Slickspeed's costume and skin began to burn, then jumped forward and pushed him away so he could live. He grabbed Eve, and she accepted, his cool embrace, and it helped calm her down more.

Slickspeed: Slickspeed looked angrily at Savior. "I had it under control old man! You didn't need to push me like that. Subzero cam, and froze Amalgam's body. He motioned Savior to move. Savior did. The ice was cooling her off. Subzero said,

Subzero: Slick told me earlier, that he liked Amalgam a lot. I don't want you ruining it for him. Slick has never had a girlfriend before. He had to hide his powers at school. Let him do it Savior..."

Savior: "She is the only one that can help me uncover my past...I will not give that chance up. I'll tske you on too if I have too." He grabbed Eve's arm, and held on tight. Subzero squinted.

Subzero: "Me, Inferno, and Slick have gone through the same things, so we fight together. Frostbite still has to hide his powers. I won't let Slickspeed go like this. Inferno, Frostbite, Triple Eagle. We fight together. And so does Seraph. Like our father. Newbie, we won't let this happen." The names called nodded. "AAH!" They all attacked at once, flames, energy, Ice, punches. Savior was being battered.

Savior: "Do you believe I feel pain ? I have gone through more in my life of almsot a century then any of you ever have. I have been blown up, shot, executed, drwoned, and I have become numb to all pain, save emotional. I need her to help me, and she wants me to help her. So hurt me, lock me up, do what you wish, but I will survive. And I will thrive." With that, he created a psionic forcefield, and was ready for any attack, although he expected Slickspeed, to grow up. "And, Slcikspeed, we should see what Evelyn has to say, when she wakes up. This wouldnt have happened if you had just let her be."

Slickspeed: I'll be in my room.


Amalgam: Amalgam awoke in the infirmary, and immediately remembered what happened. She could hear the entire conversation, but her body was in such shock she could say or do nothing. Now she was partially thawed out, and she got up. She walked up to Subzero, who was in awe that she was awake o quickly. "Hello." she said, politely shaking his hand.

Subzero: "Hi, I'm Subzero, the guy who likes you's best friend. Slickspeed. You do know that he likes you? Right?"

Amalgam: "Yes. I know, and honestly, he scares me a little." She made a scared face and shivered, then saw Savior in the background. "I am not going to make my decision yet."

Subzero: "Seriously? He's just horribly nervous. Did you hear what I said earlier???"

Amalgam: "I heard it all, and I want Savior to help me. I am confused with the way Slick si acting, why would he like me ? I lit his feet on fire, I almost killed him earlier, and the whole time Savior was the only one who truly cared for me,I can tell just by the way he touches me, his warmth, his gentleness. You couldnt understand." She looked away, toward a worried Savior.

Subzero: Subzero sighed, "Well than that's the decision, I'll go tell Slickspeed. Amalgam, he dosen't just like you, he loves you. He's 24 and never had a date before, he's just nervous. And he was defending you. He's 24 and never had a date, he's just nervous. You better make your decision fast."

Amalgam: "Dont tell me what to do, I work poorly under pressure."

Subzero: "Slick brought you some water." There was water on a desk, "We'll wait outside for your decision. C'mon Savior." Savior and Subzero walked outside.

Amalgam: She grabbed the water, watching some spill on the floor. "Damn it." she said as she dipped her finger in the puddle, reducing it to steam. "Decisions decisions....AWW THIS IS RETARDED !!! Why the fuck am I still here anyway ? I guess my subconscious is controlling me. Hmm." She looked up and saw Wonder, above her. Her eyes widened. O_O

Wonder: "There will be no cursing aboard my ship... I have brought a future teller, to predict your future, ask him a question." The Fortune Teller looked at Amalgam. "Shoot away."

Amalgam: "Get out. I know my future. "

Daze:"I'll tell you, you will lose someone close to you. Someone young. You will make a grave decision. You will suffer unless you change your attitude. Oh, and after the pain, you will finally be at peace... I will be at training if you need me Wonder."

Amalgam: Amalgam kicked Wonder out the door, and grabbed Daze. "Tell me more..." she said, her eyes fierce.

Daze: "You will finally feel at peace after, the event. The world will go downhill. You will be caught under it. If you survive, you will mar-AAH!" Daze collapsed, and his heart stopped. He had a heart attack.

Amalgam: Amalgam cut open her hand, and her blood dripped into Daze's mouth. Her healing factor shot into him. He awoke in shock, with fear in his eyes. "Finish Daze, I wont let you die."

Daze: "You will find... The one..."

Amalgam: Amalgam was puzzled, "Who is the One ?"

Daze: "Him... S-"

Amalgam: "WHO !" Amalgam slammed Daze on the floor, enough to keep him awake.

Daze: "I- I don't know..."

Amalgam: "Fine, I will do what I plan to do, I know who I will choose." She left Daze to hisfate, and walked into the hallway. She saw Subzero, Wonder, and the man she wasnt looking for...

Wonder: "Head to your room. And where is Daze?" Slickspeed remained silent.

Amalgam: "I have made my decision, and Daze had a heart attack, but he is fine because of me." She looked at Slickspeed, then poked his forehead. A rush of all that just happened with Daze entered his mind. He looked faint, and fell over. Amalgam walked to the room next to hers, and opened the door.

Wonder: "Your room Amalgam!"

Amalgam: She was tired of being yelled at. She punched, he fell, he pucnhed, she fell. Fighting occured. She hit him in the face with lava. She snuck into Savior's room, and locked behind her. He looked up in suprise. She ran at him. He didnt move. She locked lips with him, and they held each other in a passionate embrace, for a long time...

Slickspeed: Slickspeed walked to Evelyn's door, and left some roses at her doorstep, a card with them said, "Sorry if I scared you, I, I just like you. You've always seemed nice. :), Jared."

Act 5:Attempted FreedomEdit

Amalgam awoke the next morning, in Saviors bed. It was the greatest morning (and night) of her life. She grabbed some coffee and got dressed. Then she went to her room. She found roses. Reading it, her invincible emotion was shattered. She felt saddened, but put them in a small vase next to her bed. She went to the onboard gym, and began working out, when Sub-Zero walked in after her.

Sub-Zero: Sub-Zero glared at her.

Amalgam: "Dont look at me like that." she said, stopping the jogging machine and glaring back.

Subzero: "You know what you did. You sicken me. I don't know what he saw in you." Slickspeed walked up, his eyyebrows furrowed.

Slickspeed: "I can't believe it. You sh***y little! I can't beileve I liked you! You two-timing F****ng nub! If we ever had ANYTHING going, it's over. Da*n."

Amalgam: "Ignoring, because for all you know, I was in my room all night. Unless you were in the airvents watching me, stalker." She continued jogging.

Subzero: "I haven't seen him like that since the last time he tried to date a Mutant. Every time that happens. And the only reason I knew is because the rooms have windows on the doors, and you forgot to close it. I was walking by when I saw.

Amalgam: Amalgam smashed her hand into the jogging machine. "You stayed and watched ? Jeez, your such a perv. No wonder I liked being evil."

Subzero: "I only stayed for enough time to widen my eyes, then I ran to Slick. Every time this happens!"

Amalgam: "Right now, we should prepare for an invasion. Daze said something about one, and horriible things will hapen." She stepped off the machine and walked down the hallway. Then she bumped into Metalhead again. "YOU !" she said, looking at him wiith no fear whatsoever.

Metalhead: "Look, I'm sorry about yesterday, if you like Slickspeed, I'm fine with that."

Amalgam: "HE liked me, but not anymore." She smiled as she said this, then headed back to Savior's room.

Metalhead: "Wait... What happened? Last night I went to your room to apologize, and saw you in Savior's room..."

Amalgam: "Can I ever get privacy in this place ? Well, I hope we can be friends." She smiled at him broadly.

Metalhead: "Sure, we can be friends, and, I suggest closing the door window when you want privacy."

Metalhead and Amalgam departed to their rooms, Amalgam to Savior's. She knew the door code. And then it began.

Act 1 of THE MAKATA INVASION: Delusions and GrandeurEdit

It arrived out of space. There it was, with 20,000 more behind it. Ships, Makata ships, and they were getting ready to end The World. Starting with Earth, center of all life and not to mention Supers...


Wonder: "What in the world was that?!

Zero: "Sir, readings for that ship are off the chart! We are on a code red, it's, an alien race...

Amalgam walked in, hearing the noise,

Amalgam: "Oh...My...God..."

Broken Edge walked in,

Broken Edge: What, Is that???

Zero: "Getting a transmission sir- Whoa. In about five seconds, we are gonna be plummeting 7000 feet down to the ground.

Amalgam: "You mean were about to get blown up ?"

Wonder: GET THOSE SHIELDS ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just then, it hit, a huge shake in the ship was felt, then everything started slipping starboard.

Zero: "Holy..."

Broken Edge: "Oh, my, God..."

Metalhead: "We're gonna die!"

Amalgam: "We gotta get the others and escape !" As she said this, the bridge blew open, and a gaping hole was left where Zero was at. "NO !" she screamed, even though she didnt know him.

Zero: I'll be fine, I have Jet Boo-!" Zero fell into the yellow haze.

The entire ship was falling apart. Another missile hit, and Supers were being blown out.

Wonder: We're going to crash on purpose..."

Wonder pulled down. Gunning the engines, it created the illusion that the ship was smoking.

Amalgam: Amalgam ran from the bridge, dead supers everywhere, small supers dead, to Savior's room. On the way there him and Slickspeed were arguing about something. This was not the time. "What are you two yelling about ? WE'VE BEEN INVADED !"

A huge hole opened up Savior's room, Slickspeed being sucked out. He fell into the haze.

Slickspeed: AAH!

Amalgam: Amalgam and Savior grasped hands and jumped after him, the entire time avoiding pieces of burning wreckage nd boides falling from the Vigilante. They found Slick on the ground, fighting weird looking alien creatures, and slowly losing.

Savior: "I'll help him, you stay here." he said, but Eve tore him back. "No, I will." she said.

Slickspeed: Slickspeed didn't know Amalgam was there. He just kept fighting... The Speed Warrior. It was as fast as Slick, but more lethal. Then it stabbed him in the lungs. And left. "AAH!" Slickspeed yelled. And he fell over.

Amalgam: Savior was busy fighting, so Amalgam ran up to Slick's lifeless body. Then he opened his eyes, and interrupted her before she could speak.

Slickspeed: "Wh- Why did you come??? I thought you were hu- humiliated by me?" Slickspeed coughed, blood coming out of his mouth.

Amalgam: Wiping away the blood, she said "How could I be humiliated ?" in a sweet, motherly voice.

Slickspeed: "I thought... Amalg- Amalgam... I've always liked you. Even after I got mad... Always.. An- And I always will. But In the End, it probably dosent even matter to you."

Amalgam: She touched her fingers to his lips. "Shoosh." she said, and kissed him on the lips until he stopped breathing. Than she started crying.

Slickspeed: Slick's last words were, "I lo- love you Eve."

Savior: Savior walked over, and held Eve, as she cried silently. He bent over, and waved his hand over Jared's face, closing his eyes for the last time. "You fought with bravery and honor." he whispered, ten continued holding Eve until the Vigilante crash landed nearby, and the head supers walked over to them.