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Mastodon is a superhero.

Origin Edit

Austin Adalhard was always seen as a shrimpy, nerdy kid. However, whenever he gains a high amount of rage, he turns into a super powerful, unstoppable force of mass destruction. Everyone in Berlin, Germany feared his raw power, everyone except for his grandfather, Baldric Adalhard. He was the only one able to help Austin control his rage and strength. It seemed like he was the only living person who could tame the savage beast, but it wouldn't last long. One night, Austin was alone with his grandfather out on the town when suddenly, a thief bursted out of a corner store. Austin felt the urge to help and his grandfather saw where he was going with his idea. Austin went charging and no bullet could penetrate his skin, but then the thief shot at his grandfather and he dropped dead. Austin went to take his grandfather to the nearest hospital, but the next day, it was seen he didn't survive. Austin felt an uncontrollable burst of aggression and headed to the one place where he could burn off the energy, the rock quarry. As he threw his temper around like a ball and chain, he met up with Professor Thomas Oliver. He told Austin that he had a way to help him avenge his grandfather and all others who have suffered his fate. He gave him a specialized power suit of armour equipped with energy shields and a shockwave hammer. He used it to seek out the man who ended the life of the most important being in his life. Once he found the killer, he saw everyone around him in fear, and remembered everything his grandfather taught him. He let the killer go with a warning that if he or anyone harmed any innocents again, he wouldn't be so merciful. He returned to the professor and wanted to help other people survive like his grandfather should have. He is now the mighty mountain of muscle called Mastodon, the strongest member of the Protectors.

Bio Edit

  • Real Name: Austin "Thunder strike" Adalhard
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 6'8" (Austin), 10'7" (Mastodon)
  • Weight: 155 lbs (Austin), 1500 lbs (Mastodon)
  • Family Members: Baldric Adalhard (Grandfather), Veronica Adalhard (Grandmother), Oscar Adalhard (Father), Teresa Adalhard (Mother)

Powers Edit

  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerable Skin
  • Powerful Jumps

Costume Edit

Reinforced blue and black body suit with bronze bands around the joints surrounded by an Invincinite body armour equipped with high powered energy shields in gauntlets, central power cannon in his torso and an unstoppable earthquake-producing hammer.

Weakness Edit

  • High Levels of Uncontrollable Rage: If Mastodon's anger levels reach to high, it will cause him to lose control and start destroy everything uncontrollably.

Enemies Edit

  • IntelliGibbon
  • Iron Bison
  • Thunderceratops
  • Fortress

Trivia Edit