Lucius Prez “Luci” Conner (born. Dec 25, 1990) is an Ecologist of L.I.V.E international and Criminologist for the Calvin City bureau. When his father was wrongfully accused of killing his mother and then after his father was killed, Luci took it as his job to help people who’ve lost most. Unfortunately, his brother Roman Conner wasn’t compliant with this since he was serving 5 years in Iron Heights Penitentiary for a murder he didn’t commit. When Roman was sent to prison, Lucius was never trusted due to the fact that he came from a family of criminals and he could become one.

During a huge thunderstorm, Lucius was trapped by Eden Corps and forced into Terrigenesis, as he was busted out, Lucius was struck by multi-colored lightning bolts and used his newfound powers as a Hybrid vigilante superhero known as StormBreak. Committed to protecting people and finding the one who manipulated his family into murders.


Luci was born on Dec 25, 1990, as the first child of Doctors - Liam and Emilia Conner's.

When he was 14, Luci always listens to Jason Michael Carroll to think and sometimes to dance too, his father would dance along with him while his mother clapped onto the beat. Yet he was depressed that he couldn’t actually see Mr. Carroll, during his 15th birthday, Liam singed one of Luci’s favorite Mr. Carroll song - Hurry Home.

As he grew, Luci was more helpful to those around him, even though some people don’t return the jester, he always has an urge to protect and provide no matter what. However, in May 2002, Luci saw his father murder his mother and go to prison, However,  Liam didn’t remember what happened the past 6 weeks before killing himself.

When he went to secondary school, Luci met Daniel Anastas and Isabella Lopez whom he’d grown fond of. After his parents were killed, Isabella helped out Luci by giving him some food every now and then furthermore Daniel did the same, applying shelter for him.

Lucius was always helping his family and wanted his brother to do the same, yet Roman would always do the opposite, which resulted in him being sent to Iron Heights for murder but stated that he didn’t do it.

When he turned 28, Luci became a scientist for L.I.V.E (Learning Institution and Vindicated Engineering) allowing him to explore technology and biology. During a huge Thunderstorm event, Luci was brought to an abandoned warehouse in which he was forced into Terrigenesis by Eden Corps. When they waited for Luci to come out of it, a bolt of lightning went into him as he came out of Terrigenesis and sent him flying towards a pile of chemicals.

After coming out of a 3-year coma, Luci was walking out of the hospital as quick as he could but was stopped by Isabella and Daniel, who was relief to see that their friend was awake. During his time, Luci was starting to effect technology around him as well as seeing circuitry. His body then flickered into machinery and out of it.

Knowing that no one would suspect him being a vigilante, Luci decided to help the people of Calvin City by becoming StormBreaker.

During the time Luci was saving lives, Daniel and Derek were investigating Luci’s childhood house. They found out that some of the electronics were infected with a mysterious virus and after testing it with Liam’s Brain matter, the pair found out that the virus was an exact match to Lucius DNA.

After they saw the videotape, Derek said that 7 minutes were excluded, getting the rest of the video and seeing something that they wouldn’t believe, another hybrid like Lucius.


Luci is told by Derek as someone who's determined in everything he does, making sure that no stone is left turn, especially during his job at L.I.V.E. Efficiently making schedules for each event of the day and looking for the best course of action in every turn, shown when his alarm buzzed and put his clothes on in a sufficient matter before going to work.

No matter what, Luci has sworn never to kill but only to bring people hope when needed and tries to appeal to others in the same way but often gets the opposite reaction in return. Unlike the other vigilantes, Luci tries to find and examine multiple theories that could lead to the same conclusion. His humility and precision have helped him a lot through these years as a vigilante as well as a Human Kree Hybrid.

Luci’s deep conviction towards his friends has been shown that he considers them to be the only family he has left. Yet this also seems to be a major weakness due to the fact that he nearly killed a guy because he wanted to protect Isabella, but it also serves as a conviction to him.

To top that, Luci sometimes says as StormBreaker that he’ll always get back up no matter even if he dies, they’ll always be someone who brings a hope towards another.



  • Hybrid Physiology - After being struck by Lightning, during his Terrigenesis, Luci’s cells were mutated and linked to his Nervous System, causing him to be turned into a Hybrid. After mutation, Luci could manipulate Electricity at such a level that even Thanos couldn’t withstand and crack the Power Stone. It also allows him to manipulate minds, usually using it to fix mental patients or see into another person’s memories.
    • Absolute Speed - Combining them results in Luci accelerating every molecule in his body, allowing him to move faster than the speed of light and then some, however, this ability is only temporary, due to the fact that this capacity of speed needs to be drawn through electricity itself. Luci had to use the positive and negative ions in the atmosphere to move.
      • Dimensional Travel - Using his power simultaneously give Luci, the power to travel through dimension like Barry Allen. But this power has to be lock onto something with a strong electrical charge or else he’ll appear somewhere he doesn’t want to.
  • Speed Force connection/Inhuman Physiology - Luci electrical powers come from his Inhuman half after going through Terrigenesis, his body acts as a containment unit for 1,000s of lightning bolts, but unknown to him until season 3, Luci was actually connected to the speed force in a different way. He can use it in different ways, blasting objects or people out of his way, absorbing energy, using it to grab a certain item and more. Usually using it blast thing cause he states “It’s Badass” and timely using electricity to grab things, sometimes for snatching things from either bullies or anyone he doesn’t like.
    • Electricity Manipulation - Because of Terrigenesis, Luci was given the power to harness the speed force in his own way, allowing him to control electricity by using his brain to act as a conductor, usually using it to fighting criminal while pissing people off in the process.
      • Electricity Attacks - Luci has to charge his body by creating a positive field of energy on one hand and a negative field of energy on the other, in order to blast criminals with electricity.
      • Electricity Absorption - This ability was discovered after Luci defeated Blastpoint before Laker could kill him, Breaker accidentally blocked his Ionic cannon but instead of killing him, it flowed through his body and grounds it into his brain.
      • Electric Pull - Usually using it to piss people off or take criminals, Luci can grab people by creating a stream of energy directly through his body.
      • Electrical Transportation - Luci is so powerful that his abilities allow him to actually transport through technology by releasing cells at the atomic level and then re-enter the physical world.
      • Electrokinetic Attacks - After a year in practice, Luci learned how to combine his fighting skills with powers, enough to actually stun or torture people at that hand.
      • Electrical Healing - Luci’s training brought him to the fact that he can heal other beings both mentally and physically, shown when reversing Rays mental illness.
  • Meta-Human Physiology - During the Mutation, Luci body was connected to his mind, not only allowing him to control Electricity but also people’s brains. Usually using it to fix mental disorders, he’s learned to use the Meta-Human half of him very well like communicating with Cisco on different earths or increasing his own thinking. Luci’s learned much about himself by unlocking his memories inside of him, in fact even studying DNA by using his Inhuman half to find out more about his dad.
    • Mental Manipulation -  Luci’s Mental powers come by using the Dark Matter inside him to increase the flow of energy towards his spinal cord and back and with it comes various forms using his mind. Yet some powers are hard to use, it doesn’t stop Luci to try and use them in saving people.
      • Memory Manipulation - After trying to fix Romaro, Luci thought of a way to help himself by finding out what made his Dad so special. Using his powers to find out that he was a Kree soldier.
      • Mental Healing - During his time in Japan, Luci’s healing went so far to help people with mental illness, such as the time he helped Ray.
      • Psychic Communication - When facing the Kree, Alina heard Luci’s thoughts and could realize that he had the abilities to communicate on the mental plane.


  • Cooking - Luci’s has proven himself to be an expert cook for himself and others.
  • Expert combatant - When taken in by Derek, Luci learned how to fight for himself. Knowing several different arts of Martial Arts, including krav maga, Muay Thai and Aikido. After a while, Luci learned to combine his powers into his experienced fighting styles even able to use it when moving at molecular speeds.
  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader - Luci was a straight A student in High School and College, eventually going to M.I.T as well as Oxford. Allowing him to become an Ecologist to L.I.V.E. Most of his studies are focused on Ecological and Technological parts of science, exploring them in both his job as well as his abilities while working out possible ways of how crimes could happen committed in order to find out who committed them as well. 
  • Computer specialist - Luci expertise M.I.T is what made known back there as the “GigaWizard”. He knew all about computers and how to identify certain parts, throughout the years, Luci’s created various computer designs to help protect the city like - the Holotable in the First lair, speed track for his powers and more.
  • Expert investigator/Forensics expert - At most Colleges, Luci took an experience into Criminology, especially since his father committed suicide, he thought it must have another reason. Learning more about Forensics and Investigation more than any other person.
  • Expert engineer - When facing troubles, Luci makes multiple tools and gadgets to use against criminals, after M.I.T & Oxford, he’s been trying to use his knowledge technology to help other like - the Shock suit he uses to control his powers, R.I.A.S an artificial intelligence he uses to help with certain examinations.
  • Skilled engineer/Metalsmith - Engineering and Investigation wasn’t the only thing that Luci found, learning more and more about tech resulted in him studying the warfare part of it. He eventually created the Rod Jolts, two separate bats made so Luci could practice using half of his powers making sure that he doesn’t overdo it.
  • Master interrogator/Torturer - This part of Luci’s was mostly surrounded by the fact he had to live with being called “Son of a Psychopath” or “Suicide Kid”. When he faced criminals, Luci had to let go sometimes and let himself be cold to get information out of people as well as using his powers to manipulate people's perspective.
  • Indomitable will/High pain tolerance/Master survivor - Dealing with so much,  Luci determination to handle any sort of punishment that is dealt with him has really been shown when blasting Thanos with the 90 Trillion Bolts - Primal Thunder Kingdom Hammer. After dealing that much damage, Luci’s arm was nearly broken in half because of it, resulting in him having to be flung back to a circle of rocks near him.
  • Stealth/Infiltration/Escape artist - Luci has been shown escaping both the C.C.S and F.B.I, making sure that he isn’t spotted in the process. His techniques are usually hiding in plain sight, concealing towards the shadows and more. But sometimes he throws that away and lets himself be seen, however never letting others catch him before anything.
  • Intimidation - As StormBreaker, Luci was shown to be feared and merciless to those who don’t give him what he wants. Showing them mercy even if it meant that their lives would be a waste to anyone.
  • Singing - While not able to disclose it, Luci is actually a great singer enabling himself to explore his abilities allowed him to attract Isabella.


  • Molecular OverHeating - This was explained Daniel after Luci’s second test drive with his Electricity powers when he’s shooting, the energy flowing through his body is actually harming his skeletal system in the processes. As a result, Luci needs to let the Meta-Human half of him heal his bones or else the Electricity circulating around him would burn through his body.
  • Cerebral Exhaustion - Luci’s brains are linked to his Muscular and Skeletal system, therefore, the electricity he gathers is contained in it. However, if Luci discharges too much electricity, his cerebrum will stop working and parts of Luci’s intelligence will disappear, this process can easily be reversed if he absorbs the amount of electricity he lost.
  • Electrical Reverberation - Without his Shock suit, Luci’s powers become too unstable and as a result, if he physically touches anything then the Electricity passing through his body will surge through the subjects. The outcome is that a person will be propelled back and will have little nausea, however, if he continues to touch the subject than the organ systems will be burned away.


  • StormBreak Suit - Lucius vigilante suit is made to both hide his identity and give criminals fear to the bone, he created the first suit while being improved by many others. After the invasion on his home-Earth, Lucius tried to get as much as he from the damaged site, including a huge amount of Dilustel - a durable metal that serves as a strong conductor for his powers and after a few tests run, Lucius infused the Dilustel with Titanium infused Osmium. Eventually, upgrades such as - a Shock Suit, tracker and more were inputted into the suit.

Former EquipmentEdit

  • Energy Amplifier - Originally designed by him, Lucius was set on the idea of increasing his power’s to better protect his friends and family, leading him to the idea of the Energy Amplifier. However, knowing of the consequences that could happen or of the unknown after effects, Lucius decided to not construct it. But that didn’t stop Cisco and Harry from building it, eventually getting right as well as perfecting the device furthermore testing it by hiding it in Lucius suit. Yet what they didn’t expect was Lucius being sent into a coma again, terminating the invention afterward.