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"What can I say? I like things that go...boom"
—Kyle Allen Boom

Kyle Allen Boom was born on July 6th 1984. His father was a successful chemical engineer that developed a top secret explosives for the US military. His mother worked as a chemistry teacher at the local high school. Kyle was a brilliant child, he learned to read at age two, and could count into the millions at age 5. By age 14 he had a doctorate in Chemistry, and by his early 20's he had a PhD in Explosive Chemistry. After aquiring his PhD he began working with his father at his University Lab. Kyle, worked at an astonishing pace, surpassing his fathers research in High Explosives. Within 2 years Kyle developed, an explosive that was double the power of C-4 but had half the cost, and a fourth of the weight.


With this new explosive, dubbed the Allen Compound, he became rich literally overnight, the US government bought his recipe for 500 million dollars and gave him a full time position at one of their top tier research laboratories. His salary, a meager 67,000 dollars a year, but Kyle cared little, he just wanted to make more explosives.


On August 9th, 2009, a terrible accident occured at the research laboratory where Kyle was staying, one of his experimental explosive compounds, detonated. The explosion demolished the entire compound, but miraculously, Kyle made it out with just a minor leg burn. However He had to literally crawl through rivers of blood, and bodies in order to escape. Psychologists determined he had an Acute case of PTSD, or , post traumatic stress disorder. Kyle soon became schizophrenic, and eerily psychotic, and was placed into a mental hospital.

Breaking OutEdit

Over the course of 2 months, Kyle gathered cleaning supplies, and other odds and ends and made a bomb. He planted it under his bed, near the wall, and put it on a chemical timer. Usually the timers activation of the bomb was precise, but unlike electric detonators, a chemical detonator was much more unpredictable.

The bomb exploded at 2:00 pm just as Kyle was arriving from Rec activities. The bomb blew the wall and his cell door down, and he was free.


Despite having hundreds of millions of dollars, at his fingertips, Kyle started robbing banks. Everytime he did, he burned the Signature: Mr. KA BOOM, with white phosphorus into the ground. Police have called him Mr. Boom, Mr. KA Boom, boomy, Or (Kyles personal favorite) KABOOM.

Kyle garnered over $400,000,000 over a three year crime spree. He disappeared sometime in early August of 2012. No one has seen him since.

Recent HistoryEdit

Kyle's wherabouts are currently unknown. Some says he is hiding somewhere in the Grand Canyon, plotting some kind of mad scheme. There is a warrant for his arrest and he is considered armed and VERY dangerous.


Kyle uses a variety of explosives, eveything from C-4 to gunpowder. However Kyle's favorite explosive is nitroglycerin, or dynamite. However he carries most of his explosives in a short red tube that resembles a stick of dynamite.

Along with said explosives, Kyle uses a Sub-Machine gun to take care of things that explosives can't (which is not very often). He also carries a variety of knives and lighters.