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Optime Armor was typically made from Kesh.


Kesh in it's solid form.

Kesh was a new renewable resource discovered in North America in 2012 (Earth at War). Although it was renewable a single pound could sell up to a billion United States Dollers. A single ounce could fuel an entire city. This led to Canada and Mexico becoming superpowers on Earth and letting the United States fix it's troubled economy. One reason for it's sucess and price was that when split in half both sides would grow back creating unique energy waves. It unfortuantley caused the North American Wars. Shortly after it's discovery it was tested on durability and was discovered to be harder than diamond. The United States then quickly began to make a armor that would use this material to great effiancy. Later during the Great Human War the Kesh Saber was made from the unique energy from the mineral and was equped with the Optime Mark 4.