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Flashback is a superhero

Origin Edit

Chloe Swift was always called the fastest thing on two legs. Living in the proud city of London, England, she was given special speedster nicknames such as Quickshift and Flashback. One day, during a thunderstorm she was trying to get home when she was struck with lightning, but it didn't seem to scorch her, but the electricity seemed to supercharge something in her DNA causing her to see the world differently. She managed to get home in just a matter of seconds. Eventually, she saw that her speed was causing her fade in and out of existence, she had what was called Chronicle Displacement. She was placed in a special containment unit to help her stay in one place so people could help her. Eventually, she was given a Chronicle Accelerator by Professor Thomas Oliver. When placed on her body, the accelerator allowed her to be anchored to the present. She was soon taught how to not only run at sonic speeds, but also learned how to control small parts of time allowing her to speed up, slow down, forward, back, etc. She was soon given a place on the Protectors and was even given energy pistols fuelled by her own speed time energy.

Bio Edit

  • Real Name: Chloe "Quickshift" Swift
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 168 lbs
  • Family Members: Matthew Swift (Father), Elizabeth Swift (Mother)

Powers Edit

  • Super Speed
  • Temporary Time Travel
  • Extreme Agility and Stamina

Costume Edit

Bodysuit that resembles an olympic sprinter's, along with ski googles, high friction shoes and a chronicle accelerator on her upper body.

Weakness Edit

  • Chronicle Accelerator Removal: If Flashback's Chronicle Accelerator is removed, she will start to fade in and out of existence until she no longer appears at all.

Enemies Edit

  • Mad Dasher
  • FreezerBurn
  • ChronoClock
  • VelociReaper

Trivia Edit