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Desolation is a powerful teleporting mutant.

Created-by: SheWhoKnows
Origin: Egypt
Threat Level: Class-V
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown.
Known Aliases: Desolation the Mad.
Species: Human, Mutant.
Age: Unknown, capable of dying, but stopped aging when he turned 25.
Height: 7 feet, 2 inches.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: Black.
Hair Color: Bald.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Egyptian
Occupation: Ally of Amalgam.
Place of Birth: Thebes, Egypt.
Base of Operations: Umbria
Marital Status: None.
Known Relatives: None.
Known Powers
See below.
Known Abilities
See below.
He still owns his Egyptian combat sword, as well as a bow and a pair of wings specially made for him.
Prone to violent acts of rage.


Desolation (real name unknown, even he has forgotten it) was born in ancient Egypt, and was captured during a Hittite raid. Growing up with them, his powers began to show whenever he got too comfortable. They taught him how to be a humble warrior, but also that he must do anything possible to survive. When Desolation turned 23 he was forced to fight against the Egyptians, only to be stabbed in the chest with a trident. Even he thought he was dead. Until he awoke in the Siberian tundra unharmed. Desolation screamed at the top of his lungs, only to be quickly surrounded by Mongol warriors from a nearby encampment. He fought them off with his sword to a stalemate, and they believed he was an honorable warrior. They accepted him into their tribe, where he was once again taught the ways of the warrior. At the age of 30 he decided his time was well spent, and needed to find a way back to Egypt. He set off across the tundra, only to be going the wrong way, ending up in Europe. They year was 1347. The bubonic plague struck, and it hit Desolation very hard. His body was mutilated, and if it wasn't for his healing factor he would have died. He lived on the island of Corsica, in a small seaside cave, as his body got worse in appearance. His skin peeled off, leaving just his bones visible on his face, and the rest of his body became black and shriveled. Despite his appearance he was still strong and powerful, and had managed to train himself to be able to teleport anywhere he wanted, no matter where in the world. Desolation continued to live as a hermit, until his powers caused him to teleport, again this time to British Columbia, and unknowingly near the super colony, where Amalgam recruited him. Finally losing control of his sanity, he is now bent on destroying anything that could change his life again, and stands by his new ally valiantly.


Desolations powers are far and wide, and very powerful from centuries of training and combat.

Teleportation - Desolation can teleport anywhere in the world regardless of if he's been there or not, although sometimes he will teleport randomly with out cause.

Time Travel - Desolation can time travel, although he only did this once when he was injured in a Egyptian-Hittite battle.

Healing Factor - Desolation can heal from the most grievous of wounds, with out no damage, but physically scars and such will remain, attributing to his deathly appearance.

Warp Blasting - Desolation can fire cone-shaped blasts of gravitonic energy, capable of causing huge explosions and blowing peoples skin off.

Angel Wings - When Desolation was in Italy he hired a young man named Leonardo Da Vinci to build him a set of wings. When placed on Desolations back, they can be shifted and warped to make him fly or allow him to attack people with them.