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"I am Doctor Cornelius Edward Nicholson. I am Cube."
—Cube, upon meeting a poor thug.

Created by:
Origin: Experimental Accident
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Cornelius E. Nicholson
Known Aliases: None, aside from Cube
Species: Human, now formed out of hundreds of small, shapeshifting blocks.
Age: ???
Height: Variable.
Weight: 1,000 pounds (Adamantium compounds carry heavy weight, though mass is extremely small.)
Eye Colour: ???
Hair Colour: None
Citizenship: Unknown
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Paragon, Sanctuary
Affiliation: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Shapeshifting, extreme strength
Training / Abilities
Can multiply cube count from roughly 500,000 all the way to twenty five trillion, increasing his mass, weight, and size 24 times.

Cube, or Cornelius E. Nicholson, was an experiment gone wrong, who now resides meaninglessly in one of the many remaining towns near the Great Lakes, Sanctuary, in Techno-square, wreaking havoc on those who stand in his way.

The ExperimentEdit

"We have perfected it. We will be able to change the shape of anything, or create anything, in a single second, all because of ga-zillions of nanites forming cubes, forming bodies, like Lego!"
—Dr. Nicholson, at the public test, seconds before the accident.

As CrayNET expanded, Dr. C. Nicholson made it his duty to perfect nanites. Microscopic beigs that could multiply many times. He formed them into bigger objects, called Quadragons, which were in essence, cubes and rectangular prisms, formed them together, and perfected nanites. But they were unstable.

On the day of the public test, in the Sanctuary Center, something went terribly wrong.

The nanites took control, pulverizing, almost disintegrating, the hundreds of people at the test.

But they knew their master. They wouldn't kill him. In a rather painful way, and through every open space in his body, and actually, every single open space, the nanites flooded into him, taking control of his brain, eventually. They grafted themselves onto his bones, muscle, fat, skin, hair, etc., and grouped together to turn them into "Quadragons". They took over. They were in control.

They formed one hive mind, and were now, Cube.

Cornelius still had some control. He could see everything, and every once in a while, speak.

But the nanites could form him into anyone. They were silver, and, metallic, but, alas, the shape of anyone, or anything, up to the size of a blue whale.

He still roams Sanctuary, disturbing anything that gets in his meaningless path, but on the inside, Doctor Nicholson is crying for help. But no one can hear him, except the monsters he created.