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The symbol of the Coalition

The Coalition of Red Nations was an alliance of nations under communism. Like the Soviet union, this alliance was fighting for the restoration of Communism, not only in Asia and Europe but in the whole world as well. The alliance started from a small collection of nations and progressively expanded to both Asian and European countries. However, they lost the war against the UN. The coalition ceased to exist when new alliances were formed between these nations. This alliance is the last communist in human history.

This alliance had many supervillains in its army but none of them survived after the war. The most known supervillain was Marc Julianof, the co-leader of the coalition and the leader of the half army and navy.



Main article: Syndicate of Middle East

As a result of the disbandment of the United Nations to Asia and Africa, in 2025, a group of leaders formed the Syndicate of Middle East that was mainly including countries in the middle east like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria. This syndicate was an alliance of nations that were working together in order to develop their army, economy and ifrastucture. They were all against the United States of America that caused the war in Iraq in 2003 and the attacks to Iran, Syria and Egypt in 2010.

Because of the failure to improve the condition of all members, Arabia and Egypt left the alliace. At the same time, some of the nations managed to improve their economy and army and started preparing a plan to attack back the united nations in Europe with terrorist attacks as a beggining and then with full-scale war. Despite the loss of these two nations, the plans of the leader of the Syndicate, Delshad Feroze, didn't change.


Colossus- The man of steel

A propaganda poster with Istur.

C.O.R.N. propaganda poster.

A recruitment poster

As the Syndicate was preparing itseft for the upcoming war, the former prime minister of Russia and army leader, Anton Bogdanov visited the leading country of the syndicate, Iran, and proposed a treaty between these countries. This proposal was promising the restoration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR, and the unification of all nations to one under the name Coalition of Red Nations. He stated that the Syndicate couldn't do much alone and with the army of each nation separated and also proposed the unification of all armies to one that would be the succeeder of the Red Army, and would be named the New Red Army.

The decision wasn't hard for Delshad Feroze as he was a corrupted politician and didn't really care for his people. Soon after the visit of Bogdanov, Delshad called in a meeting the leading persons of each country and proposed them a plan for the elimination of the allied army in Eurasia. They all agreed to turn their homelands to Socialist republics and make them one under the lead of Delshad.

Of course, that wouldn't be something easy for the Islamic republics like Iran, yet it wasn't impossible. A propaganda campaign started in television, radio and the roads with propaganda posters. All these were promising a bright future for the countries of middle east with prosperity and their preveilance over eurasia.


Original membersEdit

  • Russia (divided)
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Syria

Later membersEdit

  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Bulgeria