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Catzy out of its costume

Catzy is a member of the Twilight Feeders, and usually acts as the leader. Physically, it is stronger then the other two members, and has the best strategies for combat. Catzy believes that people view the Twilight Feeders as monsters, which is why they don't interact for now.

Catzy has six digits on each paw, has black fur with grey tints, and is eight fand a hal feet tall.

Background Edit

As a kitten, Catzy lived in a circus. Its owner only cared about Catzy because its posture brought in money. However, when Catzy began to show his ability to speak, his owner freaked out, and Catzy ran away. It hid into a cave, where it met Batzy, and they became good friends. Years later, they both would find a Rat, who was also anthropomorphic which they named named Ratzy.

Every day during the twilight hours Catzy, Batzy, and Ratzy would go into the forest and search for food. Catzy later found a town. Catzy would listen to the people speak (but not interact) and learned English better. Soon, Catzy saw that crime was abundant. It decided to do something about it, and attacked the criminal. It kept doing this, but didn't allow Batzy or Ratzy to know because because it was afraid that they would get hurt if they fought, although Catzy did help them learn English better.

Later on, reports of a larg cat-like creature capturing criminals have been showing up in the town. This atracted Dr. Yancy Pansy. He decided to peruse this animal. Because Yancy was a good tracker, he managed to find Catzy. Yancy was astonished that Catzy could speak English, walk upright, and had fiends that were just as amazing. Yancy tried talking Catzy into coming into the city so that they could study him, but Catzy refused.

Personality Edit

Catzy has a stern attitude. He is reluctant to allow Batzy and Ratzy to become superheroes, and often punishes them if they disobey him or do something foolish.

He also worries about his friends and cares about protecting innocent people, but believes that they will not be considered heroes to humanity because of their appearance.

Powers Edit

Like the rest of the Twilight Feeders, it heals rapidly (not as rapid as other superheroes), has great strength, and protective fur. He also can jump the highest, and survive falls from great heights. It can see better in the dark then most other cats, and is the fastest while walking/running.