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Baracuss the Dark
Baracuss' favored appearance
Baracuss the Dark
Personal Data
Age: 18,000 Earth Years
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 186 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Shuto Kage
Known Relatives: Incarcerous the Demonic (Father), Nekura the Sinful (Mother), and Nocturna the Voluptuous (Soon-to-be Wife)
Known Abilities
Like Amalgam, the true limit to Baracuss' abilities are a mystery, however as long as there is darkness there seems to be no limit to what he can perform using his Shadow-Manipulating abilities.

"I am Baracuss the Dark, the King of all Shades."
—Baracuss introducing himself to Amalgam

Baracuss the Dark is the ruler of the Shadow manipulating beings known as the Shades. He was born to a family of Nobles, led the Shade uprising after Artorius the Noble was betrayed, and overthrew Marrow the Unnatural.


Baracuss was born into a family of Nobles in Shuto Kage, the Capital City of Makkura Honba. His mother and father, however, didn't seam to appreciate him as part of their family, due to the fact they never wanted a child. Despite this Baracuss grew to become a powerful, and gifted warrior. He first met Moravian when he began his combat lessons with Kronos the Wise. Moravian was of a lower class, so at first Baracuss treated him like dirt. But after they began to train, Baracuss saw him as an equal in strength and they became close friends. After Baracuss' parents were executed for suspected treason against the current king, Moravian's family took Baracuss in as one of their own, further increasing their friendship.

When the Shade Uprising began around 300 years later, Baracuss took part in the final attack on the King's palace, along with Moravian and Artorius the Noble. After Artorius was betrayed by Fabius the Loyal, Baracuss took his place as leader of the assault, and soon confronted Marrow the Unnatural in the thrown room. After a long and tiring battle, Baracuss finally reveled his special ability, the Power of Obedience, and said to the Shade King that he never really had a chance of defeating Baracuss.

He met Nocturna the Voluptuous around a hundred years later, after she accidentally disrupted a Military March that was being led by Moravian, who tried to imprison her interrupting. He offered her shelter for the night (figure of speech as there is no night or day cycle in the Shadow-verse) to apologize for his friend's unjust behavior. She never left the palace and the two found themselves in a romantic relationship before long.

Around 800 years later, just before Baracuss and Nocturna where about to be wed after many interruptions and rescheduling, a strange warp between dimensions, caused by the Verse Grinder, caught hold of Baracuss' power and pulled him through warp space into the Universe of the Supers. He killed off those who had attempted to capture him, and escaped from the military compound with extreme casualties on the Human's side.

He survived through the the nuclear devastation, met up with Amalgam and the rest of the Mutant Alliance, and agreed to join them for the sole purpose of returning home.

Personality Edit

While he was in the Shadow-verse he was a strict but fair ruler, bringing about a new age in the history of the Shades. He conquered many other races, leading the Shades across the Shadow-verse in a parade of glory. He grew bored of listening to the requests from Nobles, only hearing half of what they begged for. However, he listened intently to the Merchants and Farmers request as he felt like he was one of them. He enjoyed having Moravian and Kronos' company, and lived a life of luxury.

However, when he had been kidnapped from his dark paradise, Baracuss' attitude became rather cruel. Until he returns the Shadow-verse, the only hint of his previous self is the attitude he bestows towards Moravian and, sometimes, Amalgam.

Relationships Edit

  • Incarcerous the Demonic and Nekura the Sinful - Baracuss' ungrateful parents never truly wished that they had Baracuss. However, Baracuss believes they would have been proud to see him lead the Shades into a new age of conquest.
  • Moravian the Doombringer - Baracuss and Moravian had known each other ever since they came into existence and because of this, have a very brotherly, unbreakable relationship. Due to this, they usually challenge each other in competitions, that mainly end in a draw.
  • Nocturna the Voluptuous - Baracuss and Nocturna had luck on their side when they first met, falling in love soon after. Their attitudes are completely opposite, as Nocturna is playful and wants to have a good time, while Baracuss is serious and likes to keep things in line. However, as they say, opposites attract.
  • Kronos the Wise - Kronos was Baracuss' mentor, and thus Baracuss has the highest respect for the elderly Shade.
  • Artorius the Noble - Baracuss had high respect for Artorius as soon a he heard of the Noble's plans to overthrow Marrow. Like the rest of Artorius' followers, Baracuss believed Artorius was the one deserving of the thrown and was devastated when Fabius the Loyal assassinated Artorius right before his eyes. Even after becoming the King of Shades, Baracuss showed Artorius respect for his brave actions by building a 20 foot Statue of him.
  • Marrow the Unnatural - Marrow and Baracuss have hated each other since they first met. Mainly because it was when they first met that Baracuss stole the thrown from him then threw him into prison to rot for the rest of his eternal life.
  • Amalgam - Amalgam and Baracuss have a kind of Love-Hate relationship, moving from a friendly conversation to an all-out argument and back again in merely a few minuets. The main cause of this uneasy relationship is that they both think of each other as equals in power, and they know it may rip apart the galaxy if they fought.


  • Levitation: Baracuss has the ability to "fly"
  • Shape-Shifting: Ability to change his appearance.
  • Possession: Baracuss can take control of a living being for a limited time. This ability, however, does not work on other Shades or even Umbrals.
    • Power Mimic: Using his possession skills, Baracuss can wield another Super's powers.
  • Shadow-Movement: Ability to move instantly to new locations via the Shadows.
  • Self-Duplication: Baracuss can create copies of himself using shadows.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Ability to bend darkness to his will.
    • Dark-Matter Manipulation: A special ability that comes with years of training. The ability to bend the properties of Dark-Matter to form rays or beams.
  • Intangibility: Ability to move through solid objects.
  • Regeneration: Baracuss can heal using the darkness around him.
  • Immortality: As long as there is darkness, Baracuss lives forever.
  • Superior Strength: Baracuss is three times as strong as a normal human.
  • Full Power: During a period of extreme Darkness, such as a lunar Eclipse, Baracuss' powers multiply!
  • Obedience: Baracuss' one power that sets him apart from all other Shades, and the reason he controls Shadow-verse. Using this power, Baracuss can make any other Shade do his bidding.


  • Light: Baracuss is powerless in the light of Day.
  • Shade: Baracuss can be killed/destroyed by another Shade.